The most expensive poker tournaments


The most expensive card tournaments attract the attention of players
from around the world. This is not surprising because the total prize Fund of the competition
is hundreds of millions of dollars.

In recent times, there are many online tournaments with
structure is no worse than any of the live tournaments, hence the majority
online gamblers began to participate in offline events, so the line between
virtual and the traditional game is gradually erased.

Today we look at five of the most popular and recognized
tournaments. This article is especially useful for gamers that decided to get
the world poker arena. So, our rating of the most expensive tournaments in
modern poker.

1. World
Series Of Poker (WSOP)

World Series of Poker (from the English translates as
“World Poker Series”) —

the world’s largest regular poker tournament that
held every year in Las Vegas.

The first WSOP was played in 1970, when benny Binion
invited seven of the most outstanding poker players in casino Horseshoe Casino
(“Horseshoe”) for the tournament. Winner selection was made by secret

But due to the fact that each of the seven players voted for
myself, I had to change the rules of the game. And then the winner of the first tournament was
Johnny Moss. But champion is not awarded with a cash prize, but limited
silver Cup. Since then, the WSOP is played every year with the increase in the number
participants from year to year.

19 years later, in 1989, on his first WSOP bracelet
gets Phil Hellmuth, becoming the youngest world champion of poker. At that time
The main event was attended by 178 people, and she poker series included 14

In 2004, the Horseshoe casino has lost his license due to
financial problems, so the decision was made to close and sell the school. And
poker tournaments WSOP by the time the time to move to a casino “Rio”.

The top 5 winners of the WSOP consists of the following members:

1. 2006 WSOP Main Event Jamie gold$12 000 0002. 2019 WSOP Main Event Hossein Ensan$10 000 0003. 2018 WSOP Main Event John Cena$8 800 0004. 2010 WSOP Main Event Jonathan Duhamel$8 944 3105. 2017 WSOP Main Event Scott Blumstein$8 150 000

2. World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP)

WCOOP is a series of tournaments in the online mode, where players
compete in various poker games such as Texas hold’em,
seven-card stud, Razz, Omaha, horse, 2-7 single draw, Badugi, and five card draw
and low ball. The buy-in and prize pool depends on the specific game.

WCOOP first held in 2002, and since then the popularity
online tournament increased significantly. Launched the largest in the history of the championship
the world of online poker PokerStars. In the first series the total prize Fund amounted
$730 000, and in 2010 the total prize Fund amounted to more than $63 157 150.

In 2018 there was a significant event, because it is
then WCOOP managed to beat all records. 1 101 677 inputs 60 events did
it the largest championship in the poker history. The total prize Fund was $99
539 195, including $15 112 664, which were given to the winners.

A year later, within 20 days of tournaments in the season were collected 104,7
million dollars. Total guarantee of the festival exceeded $75 000 000. Within
the series has spent 73 of the tournament in three categories: low limit medium

5 biggest winners WCOOP:

1. Tyson “Betterpoker” Marks — $2 285 759;

2. Yevgeniy “JovialGent” Timoshenko — $1 733 944;

3. Liberace — $1 865 431;

4. joeysweetp — $1 404 725;

5. Kyle “ka$ino” Schroeder — $1 360 000.

Gold bracelet with diamonds, which is given
the winners of the WCOOP is the most prestigious award online poker. Players from
all over the world are willing to come together in the fight for the prize Fund and become a winner
the largest championship of virtual poker.

3. Triton Super High Roller Series (Triton Poker)

Triton Super High Roller Series is considered hirollers
poker tournament in 2019 recorded the highest starting
a contribution of one million pounds.

Triton Poker SHR Series was established in 2015
Malaysian businessman and players, including Paul Foy and Richard Jong. At first
the series, which was conducted in the fall of 2016 in the Philippines, gathered
eminent players such as Phil Ivey, Daniel Colman, Fedor Holz, John Juanda.

But the real fame came to the tournament two years after
his reason: in casino Maestral in Montenegro, the victory of Fedor Holz. In fact
the same year, after heavy fighting at the final table of Poker Triton, F. Holtz
finished second, losing to winning the Indonesian player John Juanda.
The winner won in the Main event of $2 872 299 and Holtz for 2nd place got
$2 100 086.

In 2018 appeared poker format 6+ Holdem. In addition,
organized the first live broadcast of a cash game with entrance fee
from one million euros, and was awarded the largest Bank in the history
television broadcasts of live games ($2 353 500).

Last year at the Park Lane Hilton took place
event where the main event was the tournament Triton Million for Charity.
The sponsor of the tournament was Partypoker. Buy-in was £1 050 000, of which 50
000 pounds was donated to various charity
organizations. This event became the most expensive poker tournament.

4. World
Poker Tour

World Poker Tour is a series of international poker tournaments
which involved most of the leading professional players. World
Poker Tour Championships is one of the most popular and recognized
brands in the virtual world and offline poker.

Initially, the World Poker Tour belonged to Partypoker. In 2016
the right to host the World poker tour acquired OurGame International for $35
million, and in 2018, the company Black Ridge Acquisition bought the WPT brand and assets
Allied Esports International, combining two companies into one organization.

The WPT was founded by television producer Stephen Lipscomb. It
he came up with the idea to join several poker tournaments and on this basis
to create a series, and begin to broadcast major tournaments. The project was implemented in

In the first season, which was called Five Diamond World Poker
Classic, buy-in was $10,000, and the maximum number of participants of the tournament
do not exceed 150 people. The palm in the tournament for unlimited
Texas hold’em took the Danish player Gustav Hansen. Champion earned more than
$556 000.

Tournaments World Poker Tour Championships are very
popular among players and are in no way inferior to such well-known competitions
as the WSOP and Triton Poker. WPT attract hundreds and even thousands of players its
the possibility of getting a big win.

The events of the World poker tour running throughout
year, and at the end of the program is conducted the final tournament. After the tournament
the winner is awarded cash prizes and pleasant bonuses in the form
car and package of the participant of Tournament of Champions WPT.

Multiple prize-winners and winners of World tournaments
poker tour:

  • Gus Hansen — 3
  • Daniel Negreanu — 2
  • Erick Lindgren — 2
  • Howard Lederer — 2
  • Tuan Le — 2

5. The
Australian Poker Championship

The Australian Poker Championship, also known as
The Aussie Millions is one of the largest poker series, which is more than 22 years
held in Crown casino, in Melbourne, Australia. The prize Fund of the tournament
is 7 000 000 Australian dollars.

Poker at Crown was introduced in June 1997, and the first
stage of poker series was held in July 1998. The main event was the tournament
limit hold’em $1000, which was attended by 74 of the player, and
the prize Fund amounted to $74 000.

The winners of the tournaments, in addition to a cash prize, get
ring of a champion series. And the winners of the Main Event are awarded
diamond-encrusted bracelet and the Aussie Millions Cup.

During these 22 years, the prestigious awards Main Event got such
legendary players like Gus Hansen, Ari Engel, AMI Barer, Toby Lewis. In
last year winning the championship went to Bryn Kenney, who surpassed all
competitors and earned $923 269 in prize money.

In 2020, the Aussie Millions took place from 4 to 24 January and 3
weeks managed to hold 23 poker event. Included such formats
tournaments, like Pot-Limit Omaha, Six Max, H. O. R. S. E. and Bounty. The total number
of participants exceeded 8600, made a series of the most memorable in the history
Australian poker.

The winner of the prestigious tournament was the player of Australiia
Vincent van Fund your account with $907 190. And the runner-up was Vietnamese
player Ngoc Hoang, who received the same amount.

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