The most effective multi-role fighter was the Russian MiG-35


Самым эффективным многоцелевым истребителем стал российский МиГ-35

The latest model of the Russian MiG-35 left behind his American rival the F-35, which was recently criticized in the media. The American newspaper The National Interest noted all the advantages of the Russian aircraft.
Самым эффективным многоцелевым истребителем стал российский МиГ-35
The publication notes that the MiG-35 is classified as fighters of “4++” generation, and much superior to its predecessor, the MiG – 29. The new model has a redesigned chassis and frame, enhanced durability, and also comes with nine hardpoints, allowing it to significantly surpass the previous samples firepower.

Also, the fighter is able to take part in the fighting of the highest intensity, because it is compatible with the corrected air bombs KAB-500 and the TV seeker with a guidance of the laser illumination purposes.

According to its characteristics, the MiG-35 could perform the functions of attack aircraft. He honorably took the place of the most effective multirole fighter, having absorbed years of experience of creating similar models. The authors of the article called it “the culmination of Russian aircraft engineering”.


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