The most dangerous helicopters from around the world. Photo


Самые опасные вертолеты со всего мира. ФотоThey are in the sky is very dangerous.

Surprisingly, even today, in all this variety of military equipment there are not many models of attack helicopters. At the moment in the world is widespread, slightly more than 30 models. Given such “intraspecific diversity”, to choose a really successful and the most terrible examples of these “shower of tanks” is not difficult.

1. Mi-24

Самые опасные вертолеты со всего мира. Фото

The pride of the Soviet helicopter industry. The real flying tank. Production of the new Mi-24 was phased out in 1991, but despite this fact, the helicopter is still considered one of the most formidable flying machines in the world and also one of the most advanced helicopters ever created by man. Even today the Mi-24 is in service in more than 50 countries. For all the time it was created 3 500 of these cars, which is by far a record for the construction of military attack helicopters.

2. HAL Light Combat Helicopter

Самые опасные вертолеты со всего мира. Фото

Helicopter developed in India. Features HAL Light Combat Helicopter do the imagination. The car was designed with a rate that in the first place it will have to operate in high altitude conditions. For this reason, the ceiling height of the flight of the machine is 6 500 meters.

3. Harbin Z-19

Самые опасные вертолеты со всего мира. Фото

One of the best attack helicopters, armor standing in the China. Developed machine was also in China. Is very versatile for a combat vehicle. If necessary, the Harbin Z-19 could be relatively easily modified to conduct intelligence activities in a variety of conditions. The case of the Harbin Z-19 is made subject to the technology of “stealth”.

4. AH-64D Longbow Apache

Самые опасные вертолеты со всего мира. Фото

Since the mid 80-ies of XX century it was the main attack helicopter of the United States of America. The car passed through several military conflicts and is proven. Successfully works in all weather conditions, even if they are more or less suitable for flight. Has a diverse and flexible Arsenal. Able to work effectively in the evening and at night.

5. Agusta A129 Mangusta

Самые опасные вертолеты со всего мира. Фото

Machine remarkable is the fact that this is the first attack helicopter designed and produced in Western Europe. It was created in Italy. At the moment, is among the most advanced flying fighting machines. Has advanced equipment and weapons. Participated in combat operations in Africa, including the mission of “blue helmets” of the UN.

6. Denel AH-2 Rooivalk

Самые опасные вертолеты со всего мира. Фото

And this combat vehicle is in service with South Africa. Used since 1999. The helicopter is flexible, despite the fact that is shock. Can be equipped with various weapons and equipment that allows it to effectively perform, including reconnaissance and search tasks.

7. CAIC WZ-10

Самые опасные вертолеты со всего мира. Фото

Some military experts have called the CAIC WZ-10 best attack helicopter China, and there is every reason. Moreover, thanks to the immense firepower CAIC WZ-10 is one of the best helicopters in the world. During the development of this helicopter, the Chinese engineers studied all the most successful attack helicopters last time. Used including the achievements of the Russian Yakovlev design Bureau. Kamov. Engines for the helicopters purchased in the United States. This, incidentally, was the cause of scandal, as the manufacturer did not consider it necessary to notify the Pentagon about the partnership with China.

8. Eurocopter Tiger

Самые опасные вертолеты со всего мира. Фото

The helicopter, developed in cooperation by France and Germany. Is armed including the Australian and Spanish air force. The machine is widely used composite materials, which makes it quite easy. Relates to the helicopter middle of gravity.

9. Bell AH-1Z Viper

Самые опасные вертолеты со всего мира. Фото

Modern American helicopter, created by engineers of the United States on the basis of the legendary Bell AH-1 Super Cobra. Technically far removed from its progenitor the better. First and foremost was the improved engines and weapons of the machine. Due to a number of design features of the helicopter can conduct effective combat operations even in extreme weather conditions.

10. Mi-28

Самые опасные вертолеты со всего мира. Фото

To date, the Russian Mi-28 is one of the leading and most advanced combat vehicles. The helicopter operation began in 2013. Was designed attack helicopter with the expectation to be in the midst of the fighting. Has the strongest weapons and there is not much lost in speed easier to shock helicopters of foreign production. It is also important that the device is able to perform many aerobatics that are normally only available to aircraft.

Bonus: AH-64E Apache Guardian

Самые опасные вертолеты со всего мира. Фото

American Apache Guardian can safely be called the most high-tech helicopter of today. The car is not original. This is actually a very deep modification of the helicopter AH-64D Block III. Interestingly, its predecessor the engine was somewhat more powerful than the “Guardian”. Despite that the Apache Guardian has a very high speed.


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