The most brutal gang in the Far East were recruited schoolchildren and burned alive people


Самая жестокая банда Дальнего Востока вербовала школьников и заживо жгла людей

“” continues a series of publications about the most famous organized criminal gangs of the 1990s. In the previous article we were talking about slonovski OPG — home gang of Ryazan, who became famous as one of the most brutal and ruthless of the factions that dark time. “Elephants” was one of the many gangs that operated in Central Russia. But the epidemic of crime in those years has swept other regions. The far East was controlled by the powerful grouping “Obshchak” which on the scale of its activities and influence could compete with the infamous Orekhovo-Medvedkovo OPG capital. Far Eastern bandits are actively operating in schools, recruiting new fighters from among teenagers, and did not hesitate in the choice of methods of intimidation: “the common Fund” was the first band of the 90s, whose members have been convicted for terrorism.


In the history of many OPG 90 has a personality, which indirectly could participate in the criminal events of the time. However, their guilt was not proven effect. In order to avoid litigation “” has changed the names of characters in fictional.

The thief is an imposter

The future leader of one of the largest in the Soviet and post-Soviet area criminal community “Obshchak” Eugene Vasin (aka dad, aka Jam) was born on 10 Nov 1951 in hospital of the city of Borzya, Chita region. Shortly after birth the family moved to Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Eugene grew up without a father, which he is trying to replace uncle Timothy Vasin, Civil war hero and a member of the joint state political Directorate of the Council of people’s Commissars.


However, with sensible education relative did not succeed. At the age of 15 years, Eugene landed on trial for “hooliganism” and soon went two years in juvie. Freed at the end of the period long the guy will not walk again and went to jail under the same article, only this time for three years. In this prison mess in his biography Vasina has not ended: in 1973 he was sentenced to five years for beating of the militiaman, him a year later for the same offense added another 12 months, but after his release, the youngster began to misbehave maliciously. In the area he acquired the unusual nickname — Jam. The nickname appeared on the chain Eugene — wih — Jack — the Jam. The last “trip” that have changed the destiny Vasina, occurred in 1983.

Landed in the colony, located in the Tyumen region, the Jam suddenly had samokonasana in “thieves in law”. Notably, while serving previous terms Vasin openly opposed this caste and even created SIA — “true Union prisoners”, uniting under a prisoners, who denies the concept of thieves. “Legalists” spat, but make could nothing: power support Jam grew with each passing day. In addition, he tried to maintain normal relations with the leadership of the institutions working in the production of barbed wire for restricted areas and for some time the status of the mechanic was freely moving in the territory of the colony that had the highest confidence of his superiors.


Found out that in their ranks occurred unauthorized completion, the thieves began to prepare to exact revenge for high-handed “newbie”. And punishable such act not only as death. And then JEM was lucky. Just at this time in the criminal environment have raised the issue of ethnic inequality: it turned out that 90 percent of the “lawyers” have in Caucasians, the percentage of Slavic thieves was much less. And not to aggravate growing on this soil the conflict has taken an unprecedented decision: not executed, and the crown Vasina. So, in spite of his misconduct and that he had no one raids for stealing, Marmalade became the first kingpin among the inhabitants of the Far East. And this status he took advantage with a vengeance.

Far Eastern Sprut

Back in 1987, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur — a city that is considered native, JEM started to unite former athletes and representatives from all criminal organizations. Thieves, robbers, murderers, drug dealers — all of them were under the “warm wing” Vasina, which for greater effect saluted friendship with a famous thief in the law Vyacheslav Ivankov (Yaponchik). Jam realized to divide the city into zones, with their chiefs and ordinary soldiers: it is easier to control subjects who were collectors of tribute, each in their sector. Covered everything, even school: high school students are obliged to make all possible contributions to the common cause. Not spared “jambezi” and traditional for all OPG racketeering in relation to newly minted merchants, took control of the export of timber, which was abundant in the region. All the money flowed to the General Fund, “Fund”. Exactly what became known as the group Vasina.

Knowing that a thief is good and two is better, Jam crowned seven of his henchmen. Among them was Sergey Lepeshkin (dollop) and Oleg Shohirev (the devil), and who were not detained-the police never, not to mention mandatory for thieves prison terms. Having consolidated power in his domain, Bob decided to attempt the neighborhood of the city. After all, most of them also did not have the strong managers from the criminal courts. Gray under the pressure of authoritative bandit, one after the other CEM was subjected to Khabarovsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Yakutsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Magadan and Blagoveshchensk. Survived only Vladivostok: Primorskoe “lads” were particularly ferocious, so Bob decided to keep their children and war the opposition did not.


And why? The prospect to control the informal sector in the “conquered” cities were opened unprecedented financial opportunities. So, shortly in each of the subordinate settlements had their own beholder, but in the factories and ports — strong fighters, who explained to businessmen who now have to share. The percent of shipments of Chinese and Japanese goods flowed into the pocket of Jam. There we add the dividend from drug trafficking, the export of nonferrous metals abroad, exports of the fishing industry… Especially profitable was the sale of caviar and the Kamchatka crab — pay for them in currency. Had the gang profit from oil development of the Sakhalin shelf. According to police, for all their years of reign Vasin made a fortune of about $ 4-6 million.


The population of the Far East was divided into two parts: one despised the new “king” of the underworld, others saw him as a real benefactor, the king-priest, defending only the interests of the region. Vasin, in turn, worked very actively on its image. He, like the politicians, even opened reception, where residents received various complaints. Time trial — who is right and who is wrong, subordinates Jam tried not to spend: a problem — be the solution, it’s probably possible to achieve national popularity. From giving of the head of OPS was written the anthem of the city, which Vasin instructed the then popular singer Natalia Shturm. The artist coped with the task, and the main song of the city has gained immense popularity among Patriotic citizens. Which could not add the points to the Treasury of the popularity of Jam.

Thug under the guise of Robin hood

Looking at entry points where Vasin communicates with law enforcement agencies, it appears that he firmly believed in his way of the far Eastern Robin hood, looks so sincere indignation bandit suspicions in the address. Locals remember the hassle of authority with the guards, trying to get bodyguards Jam (it has now been repeatedly attempted by the enemy) to surrender their illegally hunting rifle. Bob was furious. “You don’t want them to protect me?” he shouted at the person standing in front of him a policeman.



Kinda left the story of one of the local journalists, who in his article stated Vasina of belonging to the community of thieves. For which immediately received a lawsuit from the Jam. Lord feather was taken aback and said he was willing to pay that amount in damages. But only if the plaintiff personally will come in the courtroom and in the presence of journalists will say that is not a kingpin. On criminal minds, to make such a statement is to abdicate the thieves of the title, and the journalist knew it. The lawsuit was withdrawn.

In 1996, Vasin created the charity “Compassion”. The Board of Trustees, in addition to the Eugene, representatives of the literary world and important far Eastern teachers. The “face” of the Foundation was to help people left without a certain residence. Admired the breadth of soul Jam citizens or turned a blind eye, or were unaware of the existence of parallel activities of “Compassion” — the active financing needs of prisoners.

But the most scandalous was released the story of the camps for minor residents of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. On the picturesque island of Malikin by financing Jam was organized a summer commune for teenagers from unsuccessful and needy families. Wanting to get to stay rife. In connection with the popularity of the venture to Vasin reached out to local journalists, which Jams immediately told about the desire to grow out of the teenage male real fighters, able to stand up for himself and his girlfriend. Visiting the camp correspondents proudly displayed group training in martial arts and lessons on survival in extreme conditions.

Самая жестокая банда Дальнего Востока вербовала школьников и заживо жгла людей

Island Malikin

Photo: Prime Crime

However, a beautiful picture folded immediately after the departure of the representatives of the media and guys have started a very different class. Elite “teaching” of the criminals-recidivists Viktor Davydenko, Pavel Esin (he is the only “oldakowski” managed to serve his sentence for sodomy) and Sergei Krivov was taken to explain to pupils the basics of the laws of thieves. And after a tiring work day, “teacher” relax: when the guards still enveloped the camp of the “special regime”, they found a huge number of boxes of vodka and champagne. By the way, the training sometimes came and the Jam: “Supreme commander”, the guys gathered in the Assembly hall, conducted a short briefing. The essence of the eloquent remarks of the boss came down to one thing: you can steal, you can Rob, but you should never forget about rallying students and Vasina friendship.

This work bore fruit: at the time of liquidation of the camp, “obshchakovsky” managed to grow his more than a dozen loyal soldiers, who for the sake of their chiefs were ready to go to the most bloody and terrible crimes. They never asked why I was not interested in consequences, just went and played the job. It is on the conscience of some of these thugs are the lives of innocent young residents of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, who died in the arson of cafe “the enchantress”.

The Ashes Of The Enchantress

This chilling story in the end and put an end to the criminal career of the Jam. At the end of June 2000, for generously covered table Vasin gathered his closest associates: Edward Sahnova (Sahno) and crowned himself the Goblin and the Pie. The occasion was worthy a year from the date of death of the deceased informed the brother of the bandit.


However, I remembered a relative mafia short, and soon thoroughly drunken Jam began to share with the audience pressing problems. Namely, the details of the conflict with a local businessman Edgar Zaitsev. Those few that did not want to share with the family their income from tlacotal one of the local metallurgical enterprises, so more in response to all threats “oldakowski” has written the application in militia. This turn Vasina so enraged that he decided in retaliation to burn cafe, whose Director was birds. Attending the funeral henchmen, of course, actively supported the plan Jam.

Preparing for the “operation” took more than six months. In the evening of 22 February 2001, in room coffee, located on Prospekt Pervostroiteley, rushed four bandits, in whose hands was a glass jar with an incendiary mix. It has produced criminals before his own recipe of his “teachers” from summer camp, but with an innovative approach: in order to flame “sticking” to the bodies of the visitors, thugs added in jars of flour and sugar. To the right of the entrance there is a company of students: 16-year-old local resident Anna Lozhkina celebrated his birthday. On the occasion, in addition to classmates, she invited his favorite teacher, 25-year-old Yulia Kutkovoy. Their table in trouble was the most crowded. And there flew one of the first deadly cans. Julia, Anna and her friend Alina died.

Самая жестокая банда Дальнего Востока вербовала школьников и заживо жгла людей

The scene of the fire in cafe “the enchantress”

Frame: NTV / YouTube

Among the visitors was a terrible panic, people, seeing almost nothing because of the smoke, rushed to look out. One of the poor fellows had unwittingly pushed the unwary bandit Vladimir Bazhenov, and he lost his balance, fell right into the burning substance. Cried out from the pain the youngster was dragged into the street accomplices. One of them immediately blocked the door of the cafe, not letting unhappy citizens to escape from the flames of the institution, the other two began to extinguish the blaze “colleague”. It was not so easy: the villain, personally podsypali in a mixture of flour and sugar, in the end, caught in his own trap. By the time Bazhenova extinguished, he prayed to “friends” only one thing — to help him get rid of the pain and deliver him to the hospital. Those complied with the request in part: dragged behind garages and hung by faking a suicide.

Meanwhile arrived on the scene firefighters coped with the fire that engulfed “the Enchantress”. The result of the attack horrified the whole town, killing 8 visitors aged 15 to 25 years (four of them burned alive), 20 people with burns disfigured bodies were in hospital beds. That the aim of the attack was killing visitors, no one doubted.

— If you would like to prevent our business café worked 24 hours a day — can come at five in the morning to burn it when there were people, — has declared in interview to transfer “the confession” Director Edgard birds. I know one thing: that the people who did it, was to burn people.

Fall Jam

Who was the customer of the massacre, found soon after the discovery of the body Bazhenov. The fact that the organizer of this terrible crime appeared to be Jam, was a surprise even to some of the guards. Previously Bob was known for his clear principles in relation to minors. For example, for some time before the arson of a cafe, he learned that his soldiers went overboard with violence with competitors, by killing a young child who became an accidental witness of the crime. The authority summoned the leader of the delinquent brigade, and briefly talked with him behind closed doors. Then would-be bandit gathered all participated in the murder of subordinates, they left the city, stood in a close circle, arm in arm, blew themselves up with a grenade. Close to the “common Fund” buzz: obviously, Bob described them with such terrible consequences of their misconduct, that even such a terrible death dreamed criminals an easy deliverance.

Самая жестокая банда Дальнего Востока вербовала школьников и заживо жгла людей

Tomb Of Yevgeny Vasin (Jam)

Photo: Prime Crime

However, no doubt of the involvement Vasina to attack the investigators were not. First, the police arrested three arsonists “Witches” (they all received life sentences), followed by the Jam. The resisting arrest has not had — on the contrary, sat and waited for investigators with pre-cooked bag of stuff. Probably Vasin thought that such an influential figure as he just can’t be put in jail and soon he forces the remaining free companions will be released. But the destiny has disposed differently: October 22, 2001 one of the most powerful and wealthy crime bosses in Russia at the age of 49 years died in jail Khabarovsk from congestive heart failure. The examining doctor ruled out the possibility of violent death. The most likely cause that led to the death of Jam, I think its a fatal addiction to alcohol.

Buried Eugene Vasin whole world: to Jam in the last journey was attended by authorities from all corners of Russia. Posted all arriving and arriving guests: rooms in the five hotels of the cities was by this time occupied previously appeared sorrowful. Someone never got on the plane, heading to Khabarovsk, from a heart attack died in hurrying to honor the memory of Jam 47-year-old authority Revaz Tsitsishvili (CICA). On the day of burial, the funeral ceremony lasted for half of the city, and at the local cemetery was canceled the funeral of other citizens. Upakov the head of OPS at the “trump” of all places in the churchyard (before you lower the coffin with the body Vasin, a pit lined with velvet), “friends” went to remember the head. According to eyewitnesses, on this day, the whole city is frozen, lost in mourning for the “benefactor”. And only on local TV the whole day was broadcast on the replay footage of burning “Witches”. So people tried to recall what in fact was their idol.

The last war the “common Fund”

After the death Vasina gang leaders were three of the kingpin — Sakhno, Goblin and Oleg Semakin (eve). But a close associate of the devil dollop, which was to be the fourth ruler of the Far East, before the formation of the new elite did not survive. Lepeshkin for malicious hooliganism received six years in prison, but served just six months: in the fall of 2003 for his unmerited possession of the status of thieves hanged in his cell.

First years the trio quietly continued the work of the Jam, carefully controlling all subordinate objects. And in 2004, they suddenly had a conflict with the beholder of Khabarovsk, a former physical education teacher Maxim Sergeyev (name changed). So it happened that the Khabarovsk piece of the “pie” has always been the most problematic in the OPS. Before coming to the criminal authorities Sergeeva for the coveted place of chief of Khabarovsk managed to visit three: Vadim Belyaev (Belyayev), Victor Kiselev (Jelly) and Sergei Marcomanni (Neighbor). They only lasted anything and was shot by the killers. It was rumored that the massacre of them was a Sergeev, who dreamed of becoming the city steering. But evidence of his involvement and was not found. After the death of the Neighbor is the criminal head of the Khabarovsk finally became Sergeev.

Самая жестокая банда Дальнего Востока вербовала школьников и заживо жгла людей

The members of the OPS “Obshchak”

Photo: Prime Crime

Down: 2) Nikolai Zykov (Yakutenok), 3) Evgenie Vasin (Jam), 4) Alexander Volkov (Top), 5) Eduard Sakhnov (Sakhno); top: 4) shreds Goose, 5) Vitaly Turbine (Impeller). Komsomolsk-on-Amur

After the death Vasina he decided to leave in “free swimming” and ceased to fully pay tribute to the “common Fund”. Sakhno responded immediately: “chase” looking with Sergeev’s shot, but even with the confiscation of property — the bandits robbed who fell foul of authority literally all their possessions. The only thing Sakhnov and the company could not take Sergeeva, so is his faithful entourage. The answer was not long in coming: in early August 2004 on the car Sakhno, which he followed with two guards on the highway Khabarovsk — Komsomolsk-on-Amur was opened heavy fire. Thanks to the skill of the driver, who managed to deduce the car from-under fire, everything is alive. The guards were slightly injured, and the head of OPS is not affected.


A little recovered from the shock, the bandits noticed a car parked nearby, at the wheel which sat a man. Assuming that it is related to the organization of the assassination, “obshchakovsky” began to torture the innocent driver and not achieving anything in the end to cut off the head. Not even doubting that the customer of the execution were supporters of Sergeev, Sakhno decided simply to bait the enemy.

Contrary to all the laws of thieves, from the “common Fund” was opened to hunting for the family of a crime boss. Gunmen attacked the father Sergeeva and brutally beat him up, miraculously kidnapped his daughter and killed his nephew, who guarded her cousins and sisters. After the death of a relative Sergeev realized that the only chance to survive is to ask for help to the guards. The testimony of Habarova, who became a key witness, was enough to defeat the seemingly unsinkable “Obshchak”. In may 2005 began large-scale searches and detentions involved in OPS thugs. That guards do not have the wrong address, showed a curious fact: almost every apartment where the suspects lived, hung a portrait of their “Sensei,” Eugene Vasin. Managed to detain three leaders: Sakhno, the devil and eve were placed in jail. But to just give up they were not going.

The confrontation between the gangsters and law enforcement officers lasted four years. During this time, three authorities tried to break free. Lawyers, witness tampering and attempts to sweet talk the guards, they spent about half a billion rubles. When it became clear that the method does not work, it was decided to resort to another — intimidation of jurors. Here “absacoza” has achieved certain results. In 2008, when he should be the verdict against the 11 participants OPS, the jury came to the meeting room, and back many of them never returned, refusing to further participate in the process. To explain his strange behavior, they did not want to, but the guards were convinced that citizens have become targets of threats from bandits. To complete the process was only in may 2009. The organizers of the OPS, which was recognized Sakhnov, Semakin and Shokhirev, got big time: Sakhno — 25, Eva — 23, and the devil — 20 years in a strict regime colony. Five bandits went to the area, earning from 8 to 20 years of imprisonment. Three defendants were acquitted. OPS “Obshchak” which at the time controlled about 15 percent of the whole territory of Russia, ceased to exist. More precisely, the powerful band broke up into small criminal organization in the Far East, if it was not there at all criminal Empire Evgeny Vasin.


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