The most beautiful small cities of Ukraine. Photo


Самые красивые маленькие города Украины. ФотоThe selection of the most beautiful small cities in the country.


In the Lviv region is the interesting old town of Sambor.

The history of resemble a building of old construction. Indeed, in earlier times, life here was in full swing. The first mention of the city dates back to the year 1241. However in the same year he was destroyed by the Horde. After 150 years, after the change of location, the city has received the Magdeburg right. Over the following centuries, the city has repeatedly changed owners. The main building of the city is in the XVIII – XIX century.

Самые красивые маленькие города Украины. Фото

What to see in Sambor:

City hall with a 40-metre clock tower, 1638 build
John the Baptist Church (XVI-XVII centuries),
Church. Stanislaus (XVIII century),
The Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary, where the relics of St. Valentine
the Jesuit College (1756),
The memorial Museum of Les Kurbas,
Historical and ethnographic Museum “Boykivshchyna”



If you travel a lot to Western Ukraine, you probably have been in Stryi. Don’t you remember? Now this city is one of the largest transportation hubs in Lviv region, and maybe that’s where the picture of the train or trains. Remember? The next time you have a big pause between transfers, we recommend you to go with the railway station and stroll through this town – it’s worth it. For the first time about the city on the Bank of the Stryi river became known in 1385. Stry twice received the Magdeburg law, and even experienced several major fires. To develop rapidly the town began after the construction of the railway station in the nineteenth century.

Самые красивые маленькие города Украины. Фото

What to see in Stryi:

Church-Shrine of the Nativity of the Mother of God (XIV-XIX centuries),
Memorial to the Fighters for freedom of Ukraine
Family Museum Bandera
The house of the sculptor Levchenko,
Synagogue 1817,
Stryi gymnasium is a monument of architecture of XIX century.


And here we are in Western Ukraine in the Eastern part of our country. Here, too, there is a cozy and beautiful city. One of these is Trostyanets. The city has not a long history, as the previous two. The first mention of Trostyanets ‘ dates back to 1660 a year. Throughout its history Trostyanets was dominated by Royal and priest Timothy the Tsar, and the Prince of Golitsy-Grouse. But the greatest development of the city received when he was in power sugar manufacturer Leopold Koenig.

Самые красивые маленькие города Украины. Фото

What to see in Trostyanets’:

Palace Golitsyn,
Round yard,
The Monument To Tchaikovsky,
The Tract “Boring”,
Church of the ascension,
The Hetman’s national Park
A Monument To Koenig.

If you live in Kiev or Kiev region and have never been in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, immediately go. After all, this town contains unique artifacts (be sure to look in the Museum of Tripoli culture), there has been a global historical events and lived celebrities. The first mention of the city dates back to the year 907. Here was the residence of the Bishop, was Pereyaslav regiment, the town had the Magdeburg right.

Самые красивые маленькие города Украины. Фото

What to see in Pereyaslav-Hmelnickij:

The Museum of folk architecture and life of the Middle Dnieper,
Museum of Tripoli culture,the College (Museum of the Pan),
Museum of kobza art
Archaeological Museum
Museum Testament Shevchenko (Historical),
St. Michael’s Church (Episcopal courtyard),
Synagogue (arts Factory).


And here we come back to Western Ukraine. The Hungarian city of Ukraine, located just 5 km from the border – what is known Berehove? The city was founded in the XI century by the Hungarian king Bela I. throughout its history the city was ruled by Hungarians, Lithuanians and Romanians, Berehove was destroyed by the Tatars, and burned by the poles, there was organized rebellion.

Самые красивые маленькие города Украины. Фото

What to see Berehove:

Earl’s court 1629,
Hotel Oroszlan the architectural monument of the XVII century
City court, 1910,
Old cellar of the seventeenth century,
New thermal pool Lark,
Tasting room chizay,
Borzhava narrow-gauge railway,
The Jewish ritual bath, 1912.


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