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Самые красивые маленькие города Европы. ФотоThey are no worse than Paris and London.

European adventure are different. Someone wants on foot to climb the Eiffel tower, eat pizza near the Trevi fountain or to disrupt the cap of the guards at Buckingham Palace. This is not new. Europe is rich in unique villages and historic towns. It was there, away from the big cities, kept a real authenticity and local cuisine.

Chora, Greece

Самые красивые маленькие города Европы. Фото

Want to get into this amazing town — already a challenge. You need to fly to the nearest island in the Aegean sea — for example, in Santorini, take a ferry to Folegandros, and then catch the bus that zigzags up into the city on the hill. The reward will be a quaint Greek classics, leading to the areas where 100-year-old men drink coffee in the sun. Do not delay, look for their blue door to cool the room with the lace curtains!

And then — in a family restaurant Pounta, which is famous all over the world. Breakfast in the garden starts at 8 am. After a Siesta come to dinner with the fresh catch, which lasts in the restaurant until the night.

Cobh, Ireland

Самые красивые маленькие города Европы. Фото

Cove — a small charming town on the South side of Ireland. It is surrounded with a necklace of brightly painted houses, as if guarding the city against fairy raids. With the waterfront visible in the former naval base and spike island, which was once a prison and now a tourist attraction.

The city is a Museum dedicated to the history of the Titanic dock, the Cove was the last place of mooring of the vessel. The spire of the Cathedral. Coleman is probably the last thing Jack and rose are seen on the horizon. And be sure to explore the second largest natural harbour is an unforgettable sight! To get from cork to Cobh on the train for 15 euros.

Berat, Albania

Самые красивые маленькие города Европы. Фото

Berat is known as the “city of a thousand Windows”. The Windows and shutters of the houses of the Old city Mangalam Ottoman create breathtaking patterns. Worth a walk to the castle to meet local people who still live in the medieval walls and enjoy views of the minarets and Church towers in the valley of Osum.

Kitchen in Berat, as all ingenious, is simple. Buy a bottle of local wine, warm bread in one of the bakeries and explore the beauty of the Old city. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to witness the pageant of the Albanian wedding ceremony. From the capital of Albania in Berat can be reached by bus for 9 euros.

Portovenere, Italy

Самые красивые маленькие города Европы. Фото

Most visitors to this corner of Northern Italy is lost between the souvenir ranks, in the narrow streets of the world famous Cinque Terre. But the coast is more peaceful not less colorful alternative. Presenting Portovenere: Fort Roman times, with old townhouses built around the impressive Castello Doria. Clear turquoise waters in the Gulf of Poets and a nice short pilgrimage to the Gothic Church on the Cape – that’s what awaits you in this fabulous city. To get from Milan to the fishing town of Portovenere by bus for 24 euros.

Uzès, France

Самые красивые маленькие города Европы. Фото

Too many people go to the South of France and spend the whole time on the beaches of the famous resorts. And ignored by the small town of Uzès, where the cream of the street infused with lavender squares, under the supervision of the bell tower of the main Cathedral. And yet here is a man who lives in the castle, of course, in the heart of the city. To see the local life and enjoy local fresh fruit, go to the farmers market on Wednesday or Saturday. And make sure to try the traditional bread style Focaccia, stuffed with anchovies and black olives! From Lyon to Uzès can be reached by bus in Avignon for 15 euros.

Alesund, Norway

Самые красивые маленькие города Европы. Фото

When a fishing port of Alesund in Western Norway burned to the ground in 1904, residents are tempted to leave a smoldering mess, and start again at another place. However, Atlantic Bay was too good to just pick up and leave. Therefore, Alesund was rebuilt. Now a large Maritime town in the style of art Nouveau delights its guests with a mild climate and one of the largest aquariums in Scandinavia. Fabulous Alesund, located on the edge of the fjord, often called the most beautiful town in Norway: whether for the atmosphere, majestic mountains Sanmar is the case when a blessing in disguise. From Oslo to ålesund can be reached by bus for 90 euros.

Rovinj, Croatia

Самые красивые маленькие города Европы. Фото

What reminds you the view from the sea on the city? Venice? Yes, the architect liked the Campanile of St. Mark, and he decided to recreate it in Rovinj.

The old town is incredibly cute, it’s good to walk, inhaling the scent of cypress trees. Rovinj is on the Istrian Peninsula, near the coast of Italy. Many local chefs looking to the menus of their colleagues on the Adriatic. So don’t be surprised, meeting each restaurant offers handmade pasta, topped with shavings of Istrian truffles. It’s always delicious and fresh! From Pula to Rovinj can be reached in half an hour.


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