The missing billions Stanislaus Mitrushina


Пропавшие миллиарды Станислава Митрушина

The former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank “Soviet” arrested in absentia. He was charged with embezzlement of funds in especially large size.

The Metropolitan court passed the decision on correspondence arrest eks-the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank “Soviet” Stanislaus Mitrushina. Bank, we will remind, after three years of rehabilitation this month was stripped of his license.

Mitroshin is accused of stealing about 2 billion rubles, which was committed in organized group.

As reported in court, the representative of the investigative Department of MVD, Mitroshin is accused of fraud in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code). The case of the banker, was initiated over a year ago. So the defendants were the former shareholder of “Soviet” Alexander Ivanov, the former head of Board of Bank Andrey Karpov and several representatives of the top management. The case was opened and investigated in the first stage of the Moi for St. Petersburg, but then it was transferred to the SD MVD.

Stanislav Mitrushina charges were filed in the spring, after which he was declared the Federal wanted list. As the search for bankers in Russia have been fruitless, banker was decided to declare the international wanted list, why it took the court’s decision on arrest in absentia.

The lawyer actively objected to this decision, pointing out that accurate data on the whereabouts of his client the investigators have. Besides, he noted, Mitroshin is the father of many children, and they, according to him, even in absentia arrested only in exceptional cases.

The Prosecutor who stood on the side of the investigation found that this case has already arrived. The prosecution believes that even while living abroad, a former banker is able to continue to commit unlawful acts, destroy evidence and generally impede the investigation period which, incidentally, was extended until September 10. The result was made the decision to arrest Mitrushina for two months, as soon as he will be in the hands of Russian law enforcement agencies.

Investigative Department of the MIA believes Stanislav Mitrushina participant in the criminal scheme, which from the Bank was stolen about 2 billion rubles.

According to the investigation, withdrawals from the Bank occur in lending fictitious structures affiliated with the former owners and top managers of credit institutions. The peak of capital outflow occurred in 2015 before the Central Bank imposed in the credit institution provisional administration.

In this case, there may be several episodes, including with the design in 2009, the name Mitrushina credit card with a limit of 15 million rubles. For two days before control of the “Soviet” passed into the hands of the provisional administration of the card was extended until 2029, and the limit is raised to RUB 20 million. Subsequently, such lending is a top Manager, it was considered by the court of arbitration illegal. With the claim in court asked the new leadership of the “Soviet”.

It should be noted that “Soviet” was submitted for the reorganization of the Bank “Russian capital” and in 2016, his rehabilitation began Tatfondbank, also lost their licenses in March 2017. In February this year, the Central Bank announced the intention to continue the restoration of the credit institution through the Fund’s consolidation of the banking sector, however, in the beginning of the month has withdrawn from the “Soviet” license. As explained by the representatives of the regulator, further measures to rescue the Bank is not reasonable in view of the large liabilities of the credit institution, accounting for almost 40 billion rubles.

The state Corporation “Agency on insurance of contributions” (ASV) will begin payment of insurance compensation to depositors of the Bank “Soviet” and individual entrepreneurs who had accounts in the Bank, no later than 17 July 2018.

As noted previously, individual entrepreneurs who had accounts in Bank “Soviet”, will receive a refund of 100 percent of the sum of all accounts (deposits) in the Bank, but not more than 1,4 million rubles in total.

Satisfaction of the obligations of “Soviet” in front of other creditors will be carried out in accordance with the bankruptcy legislation in the context of liquidation procedures.


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