The Ministry of economic development to discuss the project “garage Amnesty”


В Минэкономразвития обсуждают проект «гаражной амнистии»

The public debate exposed the law Ministry about the so-called “garage Amnesty” – the simplified procedure of registration of ownership of garages. This is not the first attempt of the officials to give the chance to the actual owners of the garages to legalize the properties that for many years are in a legal vacuum. A similar bill in 2017 is not reached even before the first reading in the state Duma.

As the portal the bill “About the garage, on the order of acquiring rights to them and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” introduces changes to the town planning and Land codes, the Federal law No. 218-FZ “On state registration of real estate”. In particular, the law stands for the notion of “individual garage construction” and introduces a new term “collective garage”.

The new law regulates the legal status of garage cooperatives and their members, especially the provision of land from state and municipal property, especially the purchase and use of the common property.

The project is described as having held the registration of the garages in a simplified manner at the “garage Amnesty.” The procedure of legalization will depend on when you were granted a plot of land before the adoption of the town planning code of the Russian Federation in 2004 or after. In some cases, to arrange the garage to the property will be on the two documents.

It is expected that the draft law on “garage Amnesty” will be submitted to the Duma before the end of the autumn session.


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