The military conflict between Russia and the United States could begin in the sea of Azov.


Военный конфликт между Россией и США может начаться в Азовском море, – СМИU.S. warships could be sent to the sea of Azov.

U.S. warships can release the Kerch Strait. Such a possibility was voiced by experts of American consulting organization Atlantic Council.

The pretext for sending American warships to the sea of Azov has already been found: it is assumed that the construction of a bridge across the Strait will cut two important Ukrainian port of Mariupol and Berdyansk, through which the export of Ukrainian steel.

Moreover, at the Atlantic Council believe that the construction of a bridge in the Kerch Strait “damages the reputation of the United States” and “shows contempt for the White house to Donald Trump”.

According to analyst Steven Blanca, the closure is a blow for US.

“Putin is trying to create the illusion of a large force, equal with the United States,” said Blank.

At the moment the order is possible the passage of warships through the Strait and the fact that such passage is not defined by any international agreement. If the United States still send their fleet into the Strait, this would lead to a diplomatic crisis or even war with Russia, which regarded such a move as a violation of its borders.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Russia blocked the Kerch Strait for the construction of the arch bridge.


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