The microwave gun. Russia has got the electronic ammunition


СВЧ-пушка. Россия обзавелась радиоэлектронными боеприпасами

Russia today is the only country in the world, which are armed with munitions equipped with electromagnetic generators, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, member of the expert Council of the military-industrial complex Viktor murakhovski.

He commented on the words of the Advisor to the first Deputy CEO of the concern “Radioelectronic technologies” Vladimir Mikheev, who said yesterday that Russia is also creating the electronic ammunition that could bring the enemy vehicles out of action due to the powerful microwave pulse.

“Such regular ammunition we have, for example, such generators are in combat units of anti-aircraft missiles, also there are shots for manual anti-tank grenade launchers, equipped with such generators. In this area we are at the forefront in the world, the same ammunition, as far as I know, while the supply of foreign armies there. In the United States and China this technique are now only in the testing stage,” — said murakhovski.

The expert noted that today the Russian “defense industry” is working to increase the efficiency of such munitions, and enhanced electromagnetic pulse due to new materials and new constructive schemes. While Murakhovsky said that to call such weapons “electromagnetic bombs” is not entirely correct, because today in the Russian army are only anti-aircraft missiles and grenade shots, are equipped with generators.

Speaking of radio-electronic weapons of the future, developed in Russia today, the source cited the example of the project “microwave guns” that are now at the stage of research works.
“At the stage of research there is a new product on the crawler that generates radiation, capable of a great distance to bring down a drone. This is exactly what in common parlance now called “microwave gun,” — said murakhovski.

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Earlier, the “Kalashnikov” announced the start of trials of the gun against the drones. Electronic non-lethal weapons, REX-1, in the acquisition of which interested law enforcement agencies can shoot down drones, as well as to turn off the mobile connection and Wi-Fi signal.


And in 2014, Mikheyev has promised:
The future combat aircraft of the sixth generation, whose first flight may take place before 2025 is expected to receive a unique electronic warfare.
According to him, research works on the project already underway, the EW system will combine the possibilities are practically “electromagnetic guns”, that is, not only to counteract the radioelectronic means of the enemy, but to suppress them.

Let me remind you that the version of “not managed to fly the” Tomahawks in Syria because of our electronic warfare (just protivodeistviya systems of the enemy) remains under discussion and very likely. In addition, the modern Russian aircraft also suggests the possibility of installation of the electronic warfare (yet on “guns”, of course, the speech was not). And here are a few memories from 2014:

Flew to “Donald cook” Russian frontline su-24 bomber was not on Board bombs and missiles. Under the fuselage hanging container with complex electronic warfare “Khibiny”. Having approached the destroyer, “Khibiny” off his radar, combat control circuits, data transmission systems – in short, turned off all the “aegis” as we turn off the TV by pressing the button on the remote. After that, the su-24 simulated a missile attack on the blind and deaf ship. Then another and another – a total of 12 times.


When the bomber flew away and “Donald cook” hurriedly went to the Romanian port to bring the nerves in order. More to Russian waters, he did not come.

Offer experts to Express their opinion about new developments and prospects. Fantasy or reality?


СВЧ-пушка. Россия обзавелась радиоэлектронными боеприпасами

*Photos of existing EW system


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