The Mercedes SUV “chained” in amber


Внедорожник Mercedes "заковали" в янтарьOn the eve of the debut of the new generation of the legendary SUV Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the company has created a unique installation.

After a few days, January 14, at the auto show in Detroit will be the world premiere of the legendary SUV Mercedes–Benz G–Class new generation..

Visitors prestige auto show NAIAS-2018 will meet the unique installation of the model G–Class the first generation, which was placed in a huge cube made of synthetic resin.

Design of synthetic resin, resembling amber, weighs 44.4 tons. Inside the cube placed Mercedes–Benz G–Class 280 GE 1979 release, became the founder of a popular family of SUVs. The installation is intended to symbolize that legendary SUV timeless, like insects preserved in amber natural. The cube has a 5.5 meters in length, 2.55 m in width and 3.1 m in height.

In the process of creating the installation was increased in height by about 3 cm a day, and only on production of an unusual design took three months of painstaking work by craftsmen.

The company promised that “amber” G-Class will go on a world tour and will be used for the presentation of the new generation SUV.

Внедорожник Mercedes "заковали" в янтарь
Внедорожник Mercedes "заковали" в янтарь


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