The media learned about the possible sanctions against 50 people from Putin’s entourage


СМИ узнали о возможных санкциях против 50 человек из окружения Путина

Anonymous sources “Kommersant” in the United States called a number of representatives of the Russian elite, which will make the report to the Congress as candidates for sanctions: 50. And along with the family members, as required by law, picked up 300 persons

report on close to the highest Russian authorities businessmen and beneficiaries prigosudarstvennom organizations for the administration of Donald trump needs to submit to Congress, be referred about 50 people, with families of about 300.

About this newspaper “Kommersant”, citing “sources in the US government agencies who do not work directly on the document, but involved in the implementation of the policy in relation to Russia”.

Specific names of the sources are not named. However, not all the defendants in the list will fall under the sanctions, said earlier the former coordinator of sanctions policy, Department of state Daniel fried. “However, the fact of hit in this list increases the risk that in the future against the defendants will be introduced sanctions,” he said.
The law “On counteraction to opponents of the United States through sanctions” (CAATSA) Donald trump signed August 2, 2017. The law also Russia subject to sanctions as North Korea and Iran. One provision requires that the administration not later than 180 days after the enactment of the law (and further annually) to provide to Congress a list close to the Supreme government of the Russian oligarchs, businessmen and other elites, including information about their relatives.

In addition, the US administration needs to describe the circle and the origin of parastatals and companies, their role in the economy of Russia, to provide information about their governing structures and beneficiaries, to specify the volume of their foreign ownership, as well as determine the scale of the penetration of Russian officials with political influence and parastatals in key sectors of the American economy.

Basically, the law lists are already entered against Russia sanctions, but now the President of the United States have lost their right to cancel their orders.

January 11, at a briefing in Washington, the head of the U.S. Treasury Steven Mnuchin confirmed that his office is working on sanctions against “Russian oligarchs”. “That’s what we’re working on, as we have said. It [the list] should appear in the near future. This is what we pay great attention”, — assured Mnuchin.


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