The mayor of Mexico was tied to a truck and dragged on the roads


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The politician did not fulfill promises, and disgruntled citizens decided to punish him. After the incident, the doctors had a mayor help, his life is out of danger.

The head of administration of municipality of Las Margaritas Chiapas in Mexico Jorge Escandon was attacked by local residents, reports the with reference to

People tied to the official a pickup truck and dragged him through the streets. Later they were stopped by the police.

The conflict occurred because of the dissatisfaction of citizens with the work of Escandon. According to available information, the head of the municipality promised to build a road, but despite numerous requests, did not keep his word.

After clashes with the local population Escandon received the necessary medical assistance, his life is out of danger.

Police detained about 30 people, injured at least 11 civilians.


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