The mass strike of the pilots of Ryanair: canceled hundreds of flights


Массовая забастовка пилотов Ryanair: отменены сотни рейсовGermany suffered the most.

In biggest strike in the history of Ryanair cancelled flight 400, with 250 of them in Germany. 55 thousands passengers requested to postpone the flight to another day or get back the money for the ticket.

Ryanair pilots have begun the most extensive strike in the history of the Irish budget airline. Protest action began in 3.01 hours (4.01 hours GMT) on Friday, August 10 and will last 24 hours, confirmed a representative of the German pilots Union Cockpit.

In connection with the strike, taking place in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland and the Netherlands, the management of the airline canceled nearly 400 flights every sixth of the planned for this day European flights Ryanair.

Germany suffered the most
At the same time most flights – 250 – cancelled in Germany. Cancelled almost all the flights that had to start from German airports on the morning of 10 August. Only in the afternoon from Germany once again starts to fly planes Ryanair, we are talking about return flights to other countries not covered by the strike pilots.

In total, the strike affected about 55 million passengers, of which more than 42 thousand in Germany. They offered to reschedule the flight for another day or receive a refund for the ticket. The payment of other compensation to passengers of Ryanair rejects the user specifies dpa.

Pilots achieve the conclusion of a tariff agreement
German pilots Ryanair announced on 8 August that join strike of colleagues in other countries. The airline does not show a constructive intent to reach agreement with the pilots, said the Chairman of Cockpit Martin Locher (Locher Martin). He brought “the deepest apologies to the passengers” who would be affected by the pilots ‘ strike. The responsibility for action head of the Cockpit on the management of Ryanair.

The Association Cockpit with January 2018 and is negotiating with the leadership of the Irish airline, achieving the conclusion of the first tariff agreements with Ryanair and wages. The benchmark for the negotiations called the tariff conditions of the tour operator Tui, which, as Ryanair uses the Boeing 737. Due to the lack of progress in the negotiations 96 percent of members surveyed Cockpit called for further struggle by the strike.

Ryanair is based in Ireland but operates flights on all the European Union and in several other countries, using as major hubs, many airports, including German.


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