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Ildar Uzbekov and Alexander Shchukin laundered stolen Russian billions


Ildar Uzbekov, Alexander’s Shukin son-in-law was responsible for the laundering of the money of infamous colonel Zakharchenko. He is withdrawing the funds of his father-in-law using the beaten path. How is he managed to do it? Journalists of anti-corruption media are insisting that it is Ildar Uzbekov who invented the scheme to put the dirty Russian money abroad. Meanwhile Alexander Shukin is under the home arrest for raiding the assets of “Innski” mine, has acquired attention of the Russian investigative committee right after colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko was arrested. Investigators found the documents associating Alexander Shukin, the
‘Coal Tsar’. Alexander Shukin’s interests in London are guarded by his son-in-law Ildar Uzbekov. It might be that he is transfering the ‘Coal Tsar’ money from offshore territories to the UK.

And still doing it today? Could Colonel Zakharchenko use Ildar Uzbekov’s channel to withdraw money from Russia? It is quite possible to assume. Thus with the Colonel Zakharchenko could pay for inviolability? Who is he, it seems to be an inconspicuous relative who may be a key figure in the withdrawal of billions of dollars from Russia? Do not the FSB investigators want to pay close attention to some facts from the biography of Ildar Uzbekov? They wrote about the publication of “Hypothesis”.

Business CV of Ildar Uzbekov

Ildar Uzbekov was born in Alma-ATA of the Kazakh SSR in a family of influential parents. Mother-daughter of the famous Kazakh lawyer Rashad Tazutdinov, father, Fuad Uzbeks, – son of the famous Soviet geologist Minir Uzbekov. Already in the 90s, Ildar Uzbekov’s father participated in schemes for the sale of Russian and Kazakh gas to the West. And apparently, he helped to withdraw funds to large officials and entrepreneurs, one of which could be Alexander Shchukin . Training Ildar Uzbekov was held in England. And it involved getting a position in a large Western firm. However, Ildar rather be under the wing of his father. Apparently, civilized business from the very beginning seemed unattractive to Ildar Uzbekov. But in Russia it was possible to turn around. That he with success and made!

A businessman or a spy? In 2005, Ildar Uzbekov worked in company Utility Aid Ltd. Its top management consisted of the British associated with firms controlled by Fuad Uzbekov. Utility Aid Ltd was engaged in the service business by reducing the cost of energy for charities. I worked only with them and allegedly had no purpose of receiving profit. Must have been a great screen for a young businessman. In the form of charity, huge sums could come to the accounts of Uzbekov’s company from Russia. Which, as a result, allowed Elena Shchukina, the daughter of the “coal king” to become the owner of several art galleries, through which she carried Russian culture to the English masses. Is this an unconventional form of charity?

In 2012, WikiLeaks published more than five million emails from its affiliates to Stratfor’s headquarters, a private CIA that collects intelligence from around the world, on the basis of which analytical reports are compiled. The company’s clients are private and public entities – US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. It turns out that since 2010 Ildar Uzbekov was a privileged client of Stratfor and had the nickname ildootch in his e-mail. Probably, the young businessman could be interesting to private CIA only the relatives. The father-in-law was on a short leg with the ex-Governor Aman Tuleyev entering the Kremlin. And my father had many influential partners and friends in Gazprom. How much information could leak through Ildar Uzbekov to American state agencies? And if they did not represent at least a trade secret? Why still nobody investigates this part of the biography of Ildar Uzbekov?

A pirate, a real estate agent, arms dealer? Or who is Ildar Uzbekov?

Since 2003, Iddar Uzbekov has been involved in more than 15 companies in the UK. Therefore, he probably represented her business and father-in-law, and their partners. One of the companies ASSAYE RISK LIMITED is engaged in providing oil field security in Somalia. They belonged to British companies, but many of them stopped their work by 2013 due to constant kidnappings and pirates. Kazakhstan is one of the countries that has a great influence on Somalia. And it provides great humanitarian assistance so far, wrote the publication “Hypothesis”. If ASSAYE RISK LIMITED through Ildar uzbekova a mediator between Kazakhstan and England in the organization of corruption schemes? The son represented the father?

Another company, the Bishop’s Avenue (East Finchley) Management Company Limited, managed expensive real estate in London. It attracted the richest people in the world, the cost of houses reached 100 million pounds. Through the Bishop’s Avenue, those who did not want to “Shine” the sources of origin of money, could buy expensive real estate. Director of the company at one time was a Romanian Viorel Kampina, who worked with a citizen of Ukraine Vasily Babitsky. He was Director of the Cyprus company Blessway Limited and Vice President of the Polish arms company Level 11, as well as a close friend of Arsen Avakov – Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine. Through Saudi Arabia and Qatar anti-aircraft guns and bombs and other weapons could come to the militants of Syria. And used against Russian soldiers?

Whose side is Ildar Uzbekov?

Why does he contact people who can act against Russia? Alexander Shchukin, apparently, will have to pay for his trust in Ildar Uzbekov, who in 2009 still married Elena Shchukina. Before that, it was said that at secular parties they appear together, but then have fun apart. Elena prefers a playful society of friends, and Ildar – strict men’s fellowship. Probably, tender attention to a wife for uzbekova – not necessarily. The main thing is that he got access to the assets of his father-in-law.



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