The main United Russia Moscow filed a lawsuit against Navalny about protecting their “precious” honor


Главный единоросс Москвы подал иск к Навальному о защите своей "бесценной" чести

Secretary of the Moscow branch of “United Russia”, Deputy Chairman of Moscow city Council Andrey Metelsky has submitted to Simonovsky court claim against the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK), its founder, Alexei Navalny, municipal Deputy district of zyuzino Konstantin Jankauskas. The application was registered on 29 August, the card case on the official portal of courts of General jurisdiction of Moscow.

The lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity associated with the investigation of the FBC that Metelsky family owns a chain of hotels and Palace in Austria, land for hotel near Paveletsky railway station in Moscow, five apartments, holding three houses on the ruble, cottage in Kaliningrad, apartment at Patriarch’s ponds and other assets. According to the FCO, a large part of this property written by 75-year-old mother of United Russia, his son Andrew and a close friend of Peter Ivanovsky.

August 29 FBC has released a new publication that in 2015 Metelsky, being on civil service, through frontman bought the Moscow company “Alpin” dealer motorcycle Yamaha. The company is registered in the name Ivanovo.

“We demand an apology and a retraction. And maybe the removal of the roller from the network”, – said to “Interfax” the press Secretary Irina Metel Eliferov. In her words, “money and financial component” to the applicant are not important. In an interview with “MBH media” Aliferova reported that the lawsuit was filed “because of a series of materials and statements, including the Bulk of Jankauskas”.

“We demand that had apologized, because it affected the reputation Metelsky, his relatives and loved ones,” she said, noting that monetary compensation it is not – “it’s for us not so important”.

He Metelsky said that is not going to demand Navalny “a single ruble”. “I intend to defend their honor and dignity, and they are priceless. I want Navalny published a retraction of all resources, where he had earlier published its own investigation. I think that you need to defend his honor, the honor of his mother, and all relatives,” – said the Deputy.

Earlier Aliferova and Metelsky said that they will not submit a claim during the election campaign to the Moscow city Duma from-for employment – ” it is necessary thing to do, not rubbish,” and also to prevent the Bulk “of the issue in this PR”. Metelsky for the fifth time goes on elections to the Moscow city Duma. This year, like all of Moscow’s United Russia party – as an independent candidate. Although the district election Commission Metelsky was suspected in the panache of signatures, it was registered as a candidate.


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