The main thing in “the Movie”: trailer for “5 Trees”, review of “the Queen of Spades” and other colorful materials on the website


In this regular column of the program “film industry” covers the most interesting and colorful materials of the movie website “the Film is About” for the past week. This time got into it: an article about the premiere of the first trailer for the Christmas anthology “Christmas Tree 5” the review of the Explorer, “a Film About” Sergey Sychev on the film “the Queen of Spades” and also the news about the special project dedicated to the Patriotic painting “the Defenders.”

The main thing in “the Movie”: trailer for “5 Trees”, review of “the Queen of Spades” and other colorful materials on the website

The first trailer of the film “Tree 5″the First footage from the new “Trees” instantly became one of the most popular videos on “Film”. The most anticipated Christmas movie is the fifth part of the series, gathered at screens over the years more than 150 million viewers, will become perhaps the most amazing set of locations. It is not only Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, the Urals and Siberia, but the oil platform “Prirazlomnaya” in the Barents sea, and even… an earth orbit. In the fifth “Trees” we will meet not only brand new characters, as these well-known videoblogger, but also long been familiar characters: Eugene, who tries to help his friend Boris to return to the family, windy Andrew, now jealous of his wife, Mrs. Manya, who try to master the Internet, and many others.

The report from the “film industry”
Review of the film “the Queen of Spades”Observer “a Film About” Sergey Sychev has watched “the Queen of Spades” — a new film by three-time nominee for the “Palme d’or” and the winner of the prize for best Director at the Cannes film festival Pavel Lungin. The film is inspired by a Pushkin novel and Tchaikovsky’s Opera, the Director moved into our days. The scene is both theatres, and gambling criminal underground of the capital. Create an original work, in such and such source, to be inspired by them, not by following them blindly, is a difficult task, even for such masters as Lungin, but, as noted by Sergey Sychev, progressive set design, exquisite costumes, wonderful interiors and the highest professionalism of the team is still doing “the Queen of Spades”, probably one of the main kinosobyty year.

The trailer of the film “the Queen of Spades”
The special project. Competition teams Zaminirovanii special “Movie” on one of the most ambitious Russian films of the coming year — “the Defenders”. At the user passes a special test, to find out which superhero is the closest to him — ler, Han, Ksenia or Arsus. Then you need to assemble a full squad of superheroes from among their friends. The site has already gathered hundreds of teams, ready for future assignments. On the page you can get acquainted with the participants sverhsekretnoj the Soviet program “Patriot”, bringing together people with powers from different republics of the USSR. And study those videos that are already filmed the stamp “For official use”.

The trailer of the film “the Defenders”


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