The main impression is the same as everyone else — “Oh, if only Russia will forever remain so.”


Главное впечатление такое же, как у всех — "эх, если бы Россия навсегда осталась такой".

Returned from a tour of the cities hosting the world Cup (a few days in Moscow with nightly exits in the center, then Kazan, Saransk then).

The main impression is the same as everyone else — “Oh, if only Russia will forever remain so.”
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The main hope that through this experience, we finally manage to kill most harmful thesis of the Kremlin’s propaganda that Russian society is consistent with their archaic authoritarian rule, and something even more wild than she is.

According to this thesis (actively supported not only Soloviev-Kiselev and Co, but also the most aggressive part of the Ukrainian patriots, as well as many domestic liberals), no regime change here will not solve anything because all the crap of recent years — the response to the query “86% majority.” Moreover without Putin and his henchmen then do the civil war of all against all can begin (as expressed in one of the most prominent advocates of this thesis A. Babchenko, “without Putin, Russia will turn into a giant Somalia”).

And what do we see in the last two weeks?

On the streets daily face millions of young people, shouting loudly different slogans (i.e. containing sharp attacks against opponents), singing songs, drinking alcohol, Smoking, sex (including same-sex) and generally behave as they want.

The police in this case deals only with their direct duties — smiles sweetly passing her drunken crowds, tells the way the lost, helps to bring the trash to the bins and so on.


Whether it led to a mass brawl? Brawl? Vandalism? The pogroms? Rape and looting?

No, no and no again!

Never before on the streets of Russian cities, I felt so safe and secure as it is now.

And that means one thing: as soon as Putin, Sechin, Milonov, Mizulina, Regardie, Center e, Roskomnadzor, FSB, FSO and other vermin will disappear into oblivion, to live in Russia will be a much nicer, kinder and calmer.

All around us lives a perfectly normal European nation. With their peculiarities, of course — after all, 70 years of communism and 20 years of Putinism could not pass absolutely unnoticed. But overall not much different from Germans, French, poles, Croatians, Argentines, and others.

And all these wild African elite — black armored humvees, five-meter fences around the 10-storey mansions, the army of the sebaceous humor and incredibly archaic idea of the state structure — just an ugly excrescence on the body of the country.

To knock over — and life will gradually begin to improve.

Hopefully, with the world Cup it became clear much more people.
Both inside the country and outside.


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