The main “enemies” of the figure in the summer


Названы главные "враги" фигуры в летний периодExperts explained that in the summer can adversely affect the figure.

Summer is the best time when you can practice your figure and bring it, if not perfectly, then very close to it condition.

The main benefit of summer is the abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs that can cleanse the intestines, speed up metabolism and, consequently, to help to quickly get rid of extra pounds.

Plus, the summer weather whispers to go outside and walk, walk and again walk, breathing the fresh air, enriching the blood with oxygen.

Despite so many advantages the summer to lose weight is far from over and that may bother you:

The inability to distinguish thirst from hunger. In the heat the person experiences an irresistible craving, but somehow believes that just hungry and eats more than is actually needed. Nutritionists suggest several weeks to develop a habit of drinking water every time hunger. So you start drinking more water curbs your appetite and will consume far fewer calories than ever.

The love for ice cream. If you eat one ice cream without fillers every day, then maybe your figure is not particularly affected, but when this delicacy becomes the basis of a summer diet – to dream of a flat tummy you can not start.

A hearty dinner. Paradoxically, when in the evening the heat subsides, the appetite increases dramatically, and therefore you risk over dinner to overeat. To avoid this, you need during the day to eat right, not less frequently than every 3 hours.

A waiver of training in the gym. Because of the heat, many refuse to exercise regularly, but it might lead to extra inches on the waist and not only. There’s always a way – you can find a room with air conditioning, drink more water, switch to lighter loads and so on.

The use of sweet and low-alcohol carbonated beverages. For some reason, many genuinely believe that these super-high-calorie drinks can quench their thirst. In fact, with them you consume so much refined sugar that to lose weight can never.


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