The main causes of dizziness in the elderly


Основные причины головокружения у пожилых людей The doctors suggested that the elderly dizziness occurs and how to deal with it.

In old age men and women often face the same problem as dizziness. With her is the fact that older people are afraid to be alone and not go out onto the street.

It turns out that there are methods that help get rid of the dizzy spells and allow people of age to feel hostage to his own body.

The reasons due to which people over 65 years of tormenting dizziness:

1. Ménière’s Disease. The first symptom of this chronic disease is is dizziness. Then the person gradually reduces the hearing, and all because in the middle ear cavity accumulates fluid. To cure ménière’s disease can be medically way under the supervision of a doctor.

2. Ischemic attack or stroke. These diseases cause Central vertigo due to disorders of blood supply of certain brain centers responsible for the vestibular apparatus. To get rid of the dizziness a person can right after the disease will be cured provocateur.

3. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Exposed to this kind of vestibular vertigo people who for a long period of time to comply with bed rest and do not get vitamin D in the right quantity. Also, this type of vertigo is characteristic of younger people who had previously sustained a head injury. This problem will help to cope doctor otoneurology.

4. The vestibular neurons. Dizziness is a symptom of viral infection of the vestibular nerve. Doctors offer patients with this disease undergo acute dizziness therapy and a course of vestibular exercises, then the head will no longer spin.

5. Migraine. Doctors say that an attack of migraine in an older person may be accompanied by headache, as is usually the case, and rotational dizziness. Naturally, the method of treatment of vestibular migraine should be determined by the doctor. Most often, the patient is prescribed antidepressants and beta-blockers, upon receipt of which the vertigo stops.

In any case, to live with a problem like dizziness, and to do nothing is impossible. After 2-3 episodes already seek help from doctors, because they can help to stop the progression of a disease, which means that in just a short period of time you will not be disturbed dizzy and you will be able to move freely around the house and on the street.


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