The logic of the animal. Ukraine in search of a new host


Животная логика. Украина в поисках нового хозяина

The behavior of many animals to predict future events. The most hackneyed example is enclosed in the expression “rats leaving the sinking ship” – once the rat began to fuss, then the ship is doomed. A special flair different animals that have an owner. They are not only able to predict the moods of its breadwinner, but eventually become even looks like him. The case when a hippie pasted joke in a passport photograph of your dog and it crossed several European borders (it was even before EU). Hairy Joker exposed some border guard, who apparently also had a dog and was able to see the catch.

If animals exhibit the amazing ability of foresight, then what about the people who have masters! The behavior of a number of Ukrainian MPs can say with confidence that the candidate in us presidents Hillari Clinton will fly on elections as “plywood over Paris”. Otherwise it is impossible to explain the statements of some “people’s representatives”, zagovorili about pivot to Russia!

The Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Yakov Bezbakh called to restore trade-economic and friendly relations between Kiev and Moscow to raise the Ukrainian economy, as well as to abandon American influence on Ukrainian politics. Bezbakh said that Ukraine needs to restore the industry, the foundations of which were laid during the Soviet Union.

“Count on what we tell overseas Sams is wrong. Us overseas walkers do not need. We depend on the IMF, from exports. Today the industry is almost worth it. From the President I have not heard what to do with our industry, with unemployment and how to get out of this situation”, – said the Deputy.

Of course, we can assume that Bezbakh crazy, but there is one circumstance which does not allow to make such a conclusion. The fact that this statesman is a person of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation and to push the question of this kind can not. It is known that Ukrainian oligarch invested in the election campaign of Hillary Clinton $10 million, Therefore, something went wrong in the overseas Federation, and Pinchuk have concluded that Clinton will not become President of the American States.

To the same understanding came other Ukrainian oligarchs. Such statements allowed himself and the deputies close to the group Kolomoisky.

Co-Chairman of the faction “Opposition bloc” in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko said that his political force supports the restoration of economic and humanitarian ties with Russia, i.e. in the current Ukrainian terminology from “country-aggressor”. Not quite Patriotic like some…

“I believe that the first task for our country, for the entire world Commonwealth – the end of the military conflict in the East and a return to economic relations with Russia and all CIS countries. We have a lot of ties with Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and other countries in connection with the military conflict almost finished”, — said Boyko.

Another MP Anton Kise is sure that Ukraine as a result of its bellicose rhetoric and sanctions wars lost out to the Russian market, which always brought her a steady income.

“The state is expected to compensate for these losses at the expense of trade with EU countries, but there the Ukrainians failed to establish mutually beneficial trading relations… the European market we are not satisfied and cannot satisfy. There are your established economic potential, and no one is going to put on the market. It turns out, therefore, we are one of the market lost, while the other market has not acquired”, said Kise.

The funny thing is that all these people are talking about that was obvious from the very beginning the “independent” campaign in the West. However, the role of Russophobic watchdog is quite satisfied with the Ukraine, because the bowl of food for her was always full. But in a radical change in the geopolitical scenario, the owner stopped feeding the pet and begin of something to guess.

The most intelligent realized that the projected “flying” Hillary is not merely the defeat of one of the candidates is the impending shift of all reference points and installations, in which Ukraine as anti-Russia does not fit. Russophobia is rapidly falling in price, while “Ukrainian” appetites remained the same. If one owner cannot meet, then, according to the logic of “Ukrainians”, you should immediately begin looking for another.

The question remains: does Russia need a foreign mangy old dog, all the value is in the ability to anticipate the desires of the owner? How hypertrophied egos of the Ukrainian authorities, if they believe that their desires enough that Russia has “forgotten and forgiven”? There is confidence that this time flair watchdog fails.


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