The lightning struck the flying ball took video


Удар молнии в летящий мяч сняли на видео After a lightning strike, the ball flew to the gate.

A well-known player in the Australian football Eddie Betts showed the other day truly stunning strike on goal when he sent it into the air during a thunderstorm. An unusual event occurred at one of the stadiums in Adelaide during a recent workout for the football team.

When the weather turned bad, and training was disrupted, athletes slowly began to leave the field. Betts, however, decided to make one last kick and crossed the ball, wanting to get to the gate. However, the soccer ball never reached the goal, because its right in the flight was struck by lightning.

The rare incident was captured on camera by teammate Betts. Include the following video, you can see that the “little miracle” with my own eyes. The shots also demonstrate how the footballer and his friends are falling in fear on the ground, then, enthusiastically shouting, run back to the side.

Some world wide web users felt that the lightning hit is not in the ball and into the goal. Other skeptics assume that the video has been mounting. Eddie Betts in response to this said that perfectly aware of what happened, but because critics are trying in vain to diminish his “lightning strike” and even more so to suspect his friend in some small affair…


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