The Lenovo Z5 is ready to sale


The Lenovo Z5, which was announced a few days ago and this was the biggest disappointment of 2018, is ready to release its sales will begin already tomorrow. It is unknown how the market will react to the deception on the part of Lenovo, however, after the announcement the phone was ridiculed by almost every web publishing.

Recall that Lenovo Z5 before the announcement was positioned as the frameless smartphone in the world with a top filling, including 4 terabytes of disk space. However, the presentation was shown a completely different phone with 4 GB of RAM and up to 64 GB of memory, a Qualcomm 6xx series to the screen, the frame which will see even people with eyesight -20 at a sufficiently large distance. In addition, he has a unibrow, so loving, in fact, lied to everyone.

In the end we have the Lenovo Z5 of the middle class with quite average looking – from the front it copies Xiaomi Mi 8 and the back side is copied from the Apple iPhone X. on the other hand, the smartphone costs $ 280 US, so what chance of success he has, albeit meager. There are smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 SE in the same price category, which will easily destroy him, if only by firmware MIUI 10, not to mention the other advantages. We will add that Lenovo has long been dropped, even from five leaders in the smartphone market, and the purchase of Motorola, with all its assets, the situation has not changed – both brands are no longer interested in the consumer, plus all the Motorola smartphones from the new line are more expensive than their main competitors and therefore are only interested in fans of the brand, which is getting smaller.


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