The leader of Catalonia has decided to postpone the Declaration of independence


Лидер Каталонии решил отложить объявление независимостиThe Gagauz authorities intend to hold talks with Madrid.

Catalonia odnostoronnee postpones the announcement of its independence from Spain. This was stated by the head of government autonomy Carles Pujdeme during a speech in the regional Parliament.

“The will of the people is that Catalonia should become an independent state, the Republic. We make this step, respecting our citizens, and offer our Parliament to postpone the entry into force of the unilateral Declaration of independence in the coming weeks to hold talks,” said Pujdeme.

He assured that his supporters “are not criminals, are not crazy and not a coup.”

Pujdeme also acknowledged that “we need to start a dialogue.”

“Otherwise we will not be able to achieve our goal (independence – ed)”, – the head of Catalonia.

As reported, October 1, residents of Catalonia voted for a referendum on independence, which does not recognize the government of Spain. For Nezavisimosti showed over 90% voted, but the turnout barely exceeded 40%.


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