The lawyers demanded that the Maltese newspaper to remove an article about the offshore companies “Troika-dialogue”


Юристы потребовали от мальтийского издания удалить статью об офшорах  "Тройки-диалог"

Lawyers of the former co-owner of investment Bank “Troika-dialog” Ruben Vardanyan demanded that the Maltese edition of the Shift to remove an article about the withdrawal of funds from Russia through offshore Bank network. The newspaper published a letter from a British law firm Simons Muirhead & Burton.

Claims Vardanyan called the article “Laundry Threesome: how Russians shipped their money to the West,” published March 4. The lawyers threatened to sue The Shift, journalists and editor of the newspaper libel suits, as well as to demand compensation for damages caused by their client. In the case of satisfaction of claims, the defendants will have to cover the costs Vardanyan, stated in a law firm.

The letter States that Vardanyan – “philanthropist and social entrepreneur”, it is not laundered money from Russia and not used fraudulently the name Armen Astana – one of Armenian citizens, whose signatures are in the contracts and banking documents relating to the scheme “Three”. The lawyers insist that Vardanyan has not played not only a key and no role in the money laundering scheme.

Publication The Shift “caused great damage” to the reputation of the line of contact, resulting in “very serious adverse consequences” for him, his business and charitable activities, as stated in the letter.

If the article is not deleted, it needs to be amended to “reflect the truth” and to make “absolutely clear” that Vardanyan is not involved in money laundering, say in Simons Muirhead & Burton LLP.

The editors of the Shift refused to remove the article. Journalists insist that the position Vardanyan presented in the publication.

March 7, Vardanyan said that his lawyers are “looking at all possible legal actions to protect our reputation” in connection with the investigation by OCCRP.

Publications on materials investigated by OCCRP has put a number of Newspapers in different countries, including The Guardian and Süddeutsche Zeitung in Russian – “Medusa”.

As established OCCRP, to 2013 through dozens – not less than 76 offshore companies created by the “Troika-dialogue”, were withdrawn from Russia over $ 4.5 billion. In particular, 130 million dollars to the accounts of offshore companies “Troika” listed the same structure that the lawyer of Hermitage Capital Sergey Magnitsky was accused of embezzlement from the Russian budget of 5.4 billion rubles.

Erich Rabassa – owner of the Austrian company Schulhof Investigation involved in the withdrawal of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport in 2008 filed a police report vein a confession, admitting that she provided services to Russian organized crime. In 2012 the businessman was abducted at the exit from his office and killed. As the direct perpetrators of the crimes were convicted two former policemen from the Kirov; the customers they are not called.

Among the recipients of the money from offshore “Troika” was, as it turned out, a friend of Vladimir Putin, cellist Sergei Roldugin, and the Governor of the Samara region in 2007-2012, the current first Deputy General Director of Rostec Vladimir Artyakov. Roldugina in 2007-2010 were received from these offshore $ 69 million.

The main part of funds withdrawn, mentioned in the investigation, he received Vardanyan, his family and persons from his inner circle of senior politicians and businessmen from among the systemic liberals.

There have been cases noted OCCRP when transactions involving offshore “Three” affect the interests of the entire Russian society. Thus, in 2004-2008, when they passed the reform of RAO “UES” through the offshore investment banks are paid so-called energy-liquid – assets remaining from the Soviet power system, for example repair firms or non-core telecommunications business. In whose interests to make purchases, definitely not known, since the transaction took place offshore. However, after a few years of holdings, formed from the energy of illiquid assets, in the hands of former top managers of RAO “UES”. “Troika-dialog” was financial Advisor of the Corporation.

Further there is evidence that the withdrawal of the “Troika” of money from Russia were involved in the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank, the Dutch Rabobank, ABN Amro and ING, the Finnish Nordea Bank, Estonian branch of Danske Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland.


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