The lawyer listed the cases in which can evacuate the car


Юрист перечислил случаи, в которых могут эвакуировать авто Evacuation in other circumstances is illegal.

Patrol police, together with municipal enterprise “Center of road traffic organization” again to evacuate the vehicle. It is reported avtoyurist Bogdan Hladik.

He also said the offense that the driver may lose the car.

• art Art 122 – violation of rules of stop and Parking;
• art 124 Art – the accident (without victims);
• Art. 126 Kupap – driving without a license, certificate of vehicle registration, insurance policy, or refusal to provide such documents to the police officer;
• art 130, Art – intoxicated, refusal to be examined in the prescribed manner;
• identify the car that is wanted by the law on enforcement proceedings.

If to the last point, as the reasons for the temporary detention of the vehicle, issues are almost there, now with other not so simple. In fact, the police decided to use the evacuation vehicles as an additional sanction for violation by the driver of requirements of traffic regulations. But, according to the law, evacuation should only be a means of removing the danger or obstacles, the vehicle can create.

In particular, the Code of administrative offences allows the patrol to detain the vehicle by blocking or deliver it for storage to a special area or Parking:

1) the driver committed a violation of the above requirements of traffic regulations;
2) the placement of the detained vehicle significantly interferes with traffic movement or compromise safety.

Also, the towing is allowed if it is parked on places to stop, Parking, free Parking of vehicles driven by drivers with disabilities, drivers who carry people with disabilities, not having such a right.

That is, only if these conditions are met, the patrol officer has the right to evacuate the car. However, as is the information, I can assume that the police will deliver the car only for specified traffic violations.


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