The laws are silent about the poverty and the crisis


Законы молчат про бедность и кризис

State Duma deputies returned Wednesday with the Christmas holidays and immediately vigorously involved in the work. Technical problems arose only from the LDPR faction. It turned out that 30 of the 40 the liberal Democrats are unable to register in the courtroom because of missing voting cards.

It should be noted that using these cards to elected officials not only pass laws, but to ask questions, recorded performances, and, as mentioned above, mark their presence at the meeting. So the work of the LDPR faction was, in fact, blocked.

“Thieves, scoundrels, scoundrels!”, — cursing the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, demanding ahead of schedule to deprive of the mandate “stole” the cards of his fellow deputies. The liberal Democrats thought that “pig” in the new year they planted in the Communist party — the party which they consider to be your ideological opponent. The suspect fell to the Communist and the head of the Duma Committee for family Affairs Tamara Pletnev — but only because it is before everyone comes to work late all gone home (although last year she lashed out at extended meetings and rushed home to cook my husband’s soup).

To search for the “thief” immediately joined the staff of the FSO. They easily managed to figure out what happened, after viewing the CCTV footage. According to the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, during cleaning of working places of deputies of the card took in memory of the employee of technical services, apparently, the Duma apparatus. He decided that in the new year, MPs will be given a new, and his choice fell on the liberal democratic party. “The popularity of the faction of the liberal democratic party and its leader are the basis of this situation,” — said the speaker of the state Duma.

While the deputies from the liberal democratic party sat silently in their seats, the Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov has summed up the past year and outlines the geopolitical situation. From his words it appeared that in the coming year, the whole world politics will “be rotated in the triangle of American dominance, the rise of China and the attempts of the Russian Renaissance, the restoration of their historic positions.”

“China has already reached the growth rate of 7.5%. Now is the second economy in the world, and will soon become the first. The Chinese of almost $ 500 billion invested in a super new technology in the near future this workshop the world would be to put in all the markets its products of the highest quality. At the same time the Chinese in the next three years solve the problem of poverty”, — said the leader of the Communist party.

Meanwhile, in Russia, the number of people working but living below the poverty line, has exceeded 21 million people, recalled a colleague Zyuganov, Valery Rashkin. He proposed the deputies to adopt the law on social assistance to citizens with incomes below the subsistence level multiplied by a factor of 1.3. “In our legislation there is not even such concepts as “poverty” and “crisis”, and the state with the help of statistical tricks trying to underestimate the poverty threshold and create the appearance of prosperity”, — said Rashkin.

In the case of a law operating, but the poor fellow could count on a monthly payment, which they would not given, but listed to be on the map and were allowed to spend money to buy food, necessary clothing, medicine and to pay utilities.

It is clear that the bill did not find support in the government and the party of the parliamentary majority “United Russia”, deputies from which, by the way, failed to give convincing arguments against its adoption. “Yes, honestly — the government does not give money,” he scolded United Russia Tamara Pletnev. Note that the implementation of the law would have required every year to 1.56 trillion roubles, thus calculations are made as of 2016. In response to the question where to get the money, the Communists proposed to reduce the secret expenses of the budget, to introduce a progressive scale of personal income tax and the “overwhelming corruption”.

This approach deputies from “United Russia”, apparently, are not serious. Unlike the Communists, they have identified themselves to other legislative priorities for the spring session. Among them were not only, for example, become already traditional bills aimed at implementing the President’s address, but legislative support for the digital economy. So, the head of the faction “United Russia” Sergei Neverov advised deputies to watch sensational videos about the robot of Sofia. “This robot is even allowed citizenship in Saudi Arabia. Here the robot on the Comedy show. Now seriously. Is it permissible to victory in a harmless game of “rock-scissors-paper” robot interpreted as the beginning of implementation of the plan for the conquest of humanity?”, — asked Alex.

So, apparently, in the near future deputies will delve into this subject, working on issues of “reparation from the mistakes of robotics, responsibility for committing these errors, a copyright”. On Wednesday, they have already adopted in the first reading the bill on close to robotics the field of IT, expanding the list of objects that can be included in agreements on public-private partnership.

The bill has caused heated debate among MPs and criticism from the relevant Committee of the state Duma. However, some parliamentarians said that as a result of its adoption, citizens ‘ access to government websites may be paid.


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