The latest Russian weapons negates the cosmic threat to the United States


Новейшее оружие России нивелирует космические угрозы США

Created in Russia, the latest weapons largely eliminates the potential threats that could arise in case of implementation of the U.S. plans for using outer space for military purposes. This was stated by “Interfax” member of the Academy of military Sciences of the Russian Federation Alexander Kanshin.


According to him, the military-scientific conference at the Military Academy of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces were given a tough assessment of the new nuclear strategy of the United States and the United States ‘ desire to use space for military purposes. It was also reiterated that the presence of Russia’s new strategic weapons, exceeding all existing and perspective systems of the leading NATO countries, make useless the establishment of the United States global missile defence system.

The conference was attended by chief of General staff of the Russian Federation, first Deputy Minister of defense of Russia, army General Valery Gerasimov and other Russian generals.

Presented at the conference of the new Russian weapons “allow all grounds to say that attempts by the US and its allies to dominate Russia in terms of military power are doomed to failure,” said Alexander Kanshin.

“This fully applies to the “space threats” American leadership,” he added.

The conference discussed the issues raised by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Message to the Federal Assembly on 1 March. Then the head of state, among other things, spoke about the latest types of strategic arms, which is developed by or comes into force in Russia.



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