The last tube. As patients “fast” are killed by the fault of the official motorcades


Последняя пробка. Как пациенты "скорых" гибнут по вине кортежей чиновников

On the evening of 7 October, the Investigative Committee in St. Petersburg announced the initiation of a criminal case over the death of 55-year-old local resident, which are unable to come doctors from the Mariinsky hospital. “Proezd Nevsky Prospekt was difficult”, — reported on the website of the UK without giving a reason.

Show more… In the moment, on Nevsky prospect was held the procession of supporters of politician Alexei Navalny, and many of the media attributed the cause of congestion with the actions of the protesters, despite the fact that this is not true.

The ambulances do often get in traffic jams caused by the blocked traffic. However, this is mainly because of the actions of the FSO. The Insider recalled five egregious cases, when the crews of the ambulance had to pass government motorcades. For some patients this was the last stop.

“From the provisions of section 10 of article 15 of the Federal law from may, 27th, 1996 N 57-FZ “On state protection”, it follows that the solution of the question of the passage of the ambulance during the overlap spetstrass is within the competence of the Federal security service. In such situations, the inspector of traffic police only execute oral instructions of employees of the FSO. Meanwhile right to life is constitutional right of everyone (part 1 of article 20 of the Constitution) and this right is associated with the other inalienable constitutional right to health protection and medical care (part 1 of article 41). In the implementation of security measures officers FSO, prohibiting the movement of ambulances, violate the constitutional rights of citizens to life and quality medical care, which under any circumstances cannot be limited by Federal law” — note the “Blue buckets” in his blog.

The ambulance died because of the train Naryshkino

In October 2011, the ambulance was forced to wait for the motorcade of the then head of the presidential administration Sergei Naryshkin.

Soon from-for overlappings of roads stood at the crossroads for almost a minute. All this time on the roof of the carriage “ambulance” worked flashing beacons. Was in the car, patient in result died without timely medical care. Naryshkin arrived to the meeting on time.

“The man did the repair, stood on the window sill and slipped, — told the head of the substation ambulance Vsevolozhsk Lyudmila Turlyun. In the end, he fell from the fourth floor. Injuries which were got by the man, was very serious. The ambulance crew did everything possible to keep this patient alive.”

The traffic police commented on the incident is simple: the priority in this situation is the tuple, not the car “fast”.

An elderly woman died in the car, waiting for the motorcade

Journalist Yury Pronko in his blog told about the death of a man in the machine “ambulance” waiting in the overlap: “Recently, my close friend’s grandmother died. When her with internal bleeding and in a coma were transported by ambulance to the hospital, near the White house blocked the traffic. Who is Mr Medvedev or Mr Putin rode in this moment is unknown, only know that within twenty minutes the ambulance with a dying man stood and missed the motorcade. By the way, when Putin and Medvedev are going to the theatre, the movement is also overlap”.

At the time of publication of this material Pronko blog in “Live journal” was closed.

The employee of traffic police missed car pediatric intensive care

In January 2016 in Moscow suburbs the employee of traffic police not missed the Ambulance with the baby due to the passing of the official motorcade.

Video of the incident posted on social networks, it removed one of the drivers. During recording he asked the ambulance driver what happened and who needs help. From conversations with doctors revealed that the car was an infant.

The officer responded to the words of the drivers that the doctors taking the baby. The ambulance all the while standing with included flashing lights and siren.

The leadership of the Metropolitan police began checking the facts. In the end, the Chairman of the Commission on public safety Public chamber of Russia Anton Tsvetkov said that the ambulance had no patients and the machine was delayed for a few minutes. The investigation ended.

The ambulance was forced to miss the motorcade, Putin went to the theater

In November 2011 the traffic police have blocked the Garden ring at the intersection of Tverskaya street, which caused traffic jam. Stuck in traffic by the ambulance.

“At approximately 13:25 the inspector of traffic police have blocked the Garden ring in the center tunnel, which is coming to Triumfalnaya square. As a result, formed many kilometers tube, one of the first in which the Ambulance with flashing lights, which the inspector also would not let”, — said the Agency “Interfax”.

After some time to place the tube pulled up another ambulance. The driver of this car managed to avoid a traffic jam, its further movement, the traffic police did not interfere.

The driver of Vladimir resin has not missed the “ambulance”

In may 2014, the motorcade escorting the former Deputy mayor Vladimir resin, missed the Ambulance. The drivers of the motorcade escaped with minimal punishment.

One of the motorists managed to capture on camera as the ambulance moving on a special lane on Kutuzovsky Prospekt with its lights flashing, had to miss the convoy, consisting of two cars: Audi Executive class and Nissan SUV. In the video, which was made public, clearly shows how two cars traveling on specalise towards the ambulance with flashing light on the side mirrors.


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