The last ice on the Suburban ponds


At the end of the first week of April in some places, it was raining, and the process of evaporation of snow under the effect of the bright sun moved to rapid melting.

Just two days melted not only the bulk of the snow on the open shores of lakes and reservoirs, but also sometimes went to ground water from the earth. They brought the dregs.

Turbidity contributed to the fact that fish in the coastal zone or up under the ice, or moved away and stood on the border Muti. The time has come when it is very difficult to predict where tomorrow will be and to peck at the fish.

This combined with a ban on fishing greatly reduced the possibility of selecting the locations for the upcoming fishing.

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Can help bodies of water and no currents, i.e., closed lakes and quarries. In pits and ponds located outside the city, we can hardly expect a good bite until the moment when on water, only ice.

More precisely, the fish will bite when the ice is not out, but the rim is still not wide enough for float fishing rods. The fish here is in half-waters or near coastal cracks. The time has come when, despite the limitations, the number of fishing increased.

For the most impatient “annuals” can be interesting fishing in open water, bleak, roach, IDE, bream and white bream. The period of mass migration of fish in tributaries “to rinse” close.

On some rivers the fish are visibly moves to the upper reaches, but most of the rivers massive stroke yet. If you have reliable information, it makes sense to try to catch a summer float rod.

Another fishing option is to risk and to go on the ice of the reservoir. The activity of white bream and roach are becoming higher every day, they finally joined bleak.

Fishing is tempting, but very risky. No illusions that anybody’s words of warning about the dangers of unsafe ice will be adequately perceived, but it is worth while to repeat that the last ice threat for its unpredictability. Repeat more for “clean conscience”.

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The last of the loose, water-soaked ice is cracking, does not bend under the weight of angler — it just immediately gives way under my feet. Very insidious illusion of thickness, especially if during the winter this pond was a double or triple ice.

The threat that ice crystals associated with night frost, for dinner turn into a crumbly mass, which easily can you dig up the water with a slotted spoon. The problem is to come up with such ice.

You can decides, especially if a decent perch bite, until the moment when you will have the last tens of meters to swim to shore.

Very good output may become a safe fishing on some of paid cultural sector. Here the small square and the distance to shore, reliability of ice daily check of the farms, there are means of salvation and people willing to help timely.

Officials closed access to the ice on time. And the fact that many private ponds now you can catch the summer gear, and very successfully.

In addition to security, a very difficult catch ice fish behavior. She began to move.

On small places between ruffs can bite burbot. Under the bleak, standing in the upper layers, at half depth across not only the skimmers, and bream. Bream can peck at the depth of half a meter between perch and roach.

In most cases, it makes sense to look for active fish in the middle and upper layers. Rely on bait is not necessary, you need to work with the bait without a nozzle.


Active fishing for roach and bream with lures without a nozzle was successfully continued. Bass became more complicated, because this fish went to shore and concentrated around the edge of the shore gullies.

If there in addition to open water and more overgrown from the vegetation, the fall is not difficult. Better to look for shallows away from the coast. Here it makes sense to catch and perch, and roach.

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In the Rybinsk reservoir well pecked perch and roach. On the Ruza reservoir most of the anglers successfully catch of bream. On the Ivankovo and Uglich with great difficulty managed to find active walleye, but in catches dominated by small fish.

The roach the results are good in Uglich, and the bream — on the Ivankovo reservoirs.


Regardless of the size of the reservoir, the picture is almost the same — fish near the shore and under the ice. Catching is very difficult, if the oxygen concentration has not yet reached a comfortable for the fish concentration. The list of prospective places you can only make the lake water flow and lower discharge of water in dams or dikes.


There began to arrive poplavochnikov and danocrine. The catches are still no large fish, but some caught bream and IDE mentioned. There’s been a very short-lived, the past is not seen, a large bleak, which happens in each river each year, but many of him do not even suspect.


Fishing season from ice ends. The total results are good, especially the pike. Just in recent days began to actively peck SIG. In separate ponds periodically from the ice caught carp on a variety of baits from herring and ending with rockers and oscillating spinners.


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