The last ice on the pond stranger: are you searching for fish


However, there are some General principles finding fish on certain bodies of water. Anyway, to find a suitable place according to the latest ice is not difficult, because in this period the water level in all water bodies decreases significantly, resulting in a body of water acquires a distinct relief, giving the ability to easily identify where there is a hole, a stream or shallow.

In the pool with his head

Perhaps the most simple group of water bodies to search for fish not just on the last ice, but in General, it is a small river. Once a body of water, just need to find the pool.

The specifics of any of the pools is that one side will have a sharp drop off on the depth along which will pass the jet, whereas the opposite side is shallow with gradual increase of depth.

In the area of the passage of the jet ice is sure to be significantly thinner than in any other place, the profile surface will have a depression, along which there is a noticeable accumulation of water.

First of all, explore the deep side on the very edge of the drop off, there may well be a good roach and maybe a big perch. If the search was not successful, go to the opposite side and drill a few holes in the direction from the shore to the waterway. It is likely that you will find there side, along which it is reasonable to continue the search.

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For especially large trophy count was not worth it, but the average size of the roach fishing is quite possible and quite likely catch fish.

As offsets from the shore in the direction of the fairway with sufficient depth, it makes sense to start searching fish at half depth, because quite high probability of detection of flocks of white bream.

At the exit of the pool is sure to be the plot of reverse current. Depth in this place is quite comfortable for Parking of fish, and therefore to explore such a place is necessary in any case.

Winds unexplored paths

Other potentially interesting places on a small river can be considered a sharp bend of the river, the so-called loop. In a place like this is sure to be a site with good depth, located on the outside of the loop, while the inside will be reclaimed shoal. If the river is fast in the shallows is bound to be vegetation that can attract the same Rudd.

The profile of the ice surface from the shallows will be slightly higher than on the line of the fairway, this will allow us to determine roughly where the Bank will go on more or less sharp drop-off. Once on a place, immediately drill a number of holes with shoals to the channel and start the search for fish at the same time defining the exact location of the drop off.

Starting the search, so we determine not only relief, but possible Parking spot some fish. It may well be that the shoals will be found Rudd, on the edge of the drop off, there is a probability of roach and small perch, and on the border with fairway in half-waters can easily be bream.

Gurgling brook

Now try to find a suitable place for fishing on a large river. The condition remains the same, we don’t know the bottom topography, but the problem in this case simplifies the inevitable fact of spring warming, when all the fish move to tributary streams and rivers, carrying fresh water and nourishing active animals.

In the area of potential fishing must be the right depth, and if so, the zone will be pronounced on the background of ice cover, due to the concavity and accumulation of water on the surface. At the very end of the ice the stream channel is cleared of ice, and the mouth of the ice will be substantially washed away. To be in such a place, you must be careful.

Examining the potential place of fishing, don’t forget to perform a vertical search in various depths of water.

Sports orienteering

Most interesting, no doubt, will be to find potential locations on the reservoir. Due to a significant change of water level by the end of the ice, and the topography of the reservoir is so clearly emerges, that you can easily determine where the shallows where the submerged channel of the river, where this river flows into the brook and where the pit of what was once a lake.

Depth in the major river beds will be very significant, in such places it is possible to look for white bream and white bream. The pit can stand large bass and pike, and near a small river, at its very edge, with comfort will be the roach.

If there is a ridge of Islands, the ice along which all signs indicate a depth, explore this area is required.

Here attention should be paid to the edge where concave and the ice is starting to rise to the shoreline of the Islands. As a rule, the location of the bottom of the drop-off coincides approximately with the area.

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Since we know that melt-water mass attract fish, this phenomenon should also be on the reservoir, including. The mouth of any tributary stream may be potentially suitable in the event that a suitable depth. However, the excitement of fishing should not cross reasonable limits: in order to prevent the spring bathing, to enter the mouth area, carefully.


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