The largest military companies in the world don’t care about their safety


Крупнейшие военные компании мира не заботятся о своей безопасностиThe websites of these organizations use threat protocols.

Four of the five largest American military contractors still do not use HTTPS encryption on their official websites.

On the sites of Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman, are not installed by default standard HTTPS encryption, which makes users of these resources vulnerable to cyber-attacks and puts them at risk of malware infection.

When you use HTTPS connection between visitors and the website is encrypted, making it more confidential and safe. In fact, if the web site does not use HTTPS, hackers can crack it with the attacks of “the man in the middle” (Man-in-the-Middle, MiTM) and use to spread malware and stealing user data.

For many years, most of the Internet has not used web-encryption. HTTPS would slow the page load, obtaining a digital certificate for encryption of sites was considered costly and relatively complex. In General, web-developers thought that HTTPS is only needed on pages where users enter passwords or credit card numbers.

However, to date, all of the above arguments are no longer relevant. With HTTPS pages load even faster than without it, digital certificates, free and security experts themselves web-developers recognize that the use of HTTPS even on pages with no sensitive information is a good practice to protect visitors from attacks.

“For companies that sign big contracts in the field of cybersecurity, the lack of HTTPS in 2017 it looks undignified. Even when you visit PornHub you better protected against MitM attacks than sites Raytheon or Lockheed,” said cybersecurity researcher John Scott-Railton (John Scott-Railton).

Last year Google announced about the intention to note in Google Chrome browser, all non-HTTPS sites as “unsafe”.

Lockheed Martin Corporation — an American company specialized in the field of aviation, aerospace engineering, shipbuilding, automation of postal services and airport logistics.

The Boeing Company is an American Corporation. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of aviation, space and military equipment.

Northrop Grumman Corporation is an American military-industrial company working in the field of electronics and information technology, aerospace, shipbuilding.

Raytheon is an American company is among the five largest contractors of the U.S. Department of defense. Is a leading American developer and manufacturer of missiles and electronic systems, including defense systems.


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