The largest Cathedral procession on the planet



Крупнейшее соборное шествие на планете

Hello, my dear friends,
About five weeks ago I published a post entitled “Iran dressed in black”, which is very briefly discussed the injustice caused by the uprising of Imam Hussein against the Caliph of the time. It proved to the world for the future: how much matter was evil, it is necessary to neutralize – or by struggle and resistance him to win, or using your own blood to pave the way for the future revival of people and the destruction of the evil. The third method does not exist.

The prophet of Islam predicted that the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his followers will ignite in the hearts of good and pious people of the fire, not extinguished it before the end of the world. Today we see in reality that is what happens.

It is the fire lit by the blood of Imam Hussein:

  • Called volunteers from Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to Syria in order to achieve the destruction of ISIS with the support of Russian air attacks and the active participation of the Syrian army.
  • Helped Hizbollah after the Israeli attacks on Lebanon to win during the 33-day war and force the army of the aggressor, which is considered the 5th strongest in the world, to retreat.
  • Prompted Iranian youth, almost with empty hands, eight years, to resist armed the Iraqi army, which has provided both the West and the East.
  • In 1979, brought victory to the Iranian people in the struggle against the Shah’s army, relying on the US and Israel, threatening to arrange a real massacre.
  • In 1953, spurred the Iranian people to resist the American and British tanks, and even after he had killed 15,000 people, the people continued to shout anti-Shah slogans and demand the deposition of the Shah.
  • In the nineteenth century United the peoples of Iran and Iraq against British colonization that ended the total dominance of the British in Iraq and their interference in its internal Affairs.
  • Paved the way for many other revolutions against colonization and foreign occupation in the Islamic world.

From my point of view, the only thing that can unite humanity and create a movement against the cruel and thoughtless American and the Zionist regime is the mind and method of struggle against tyranny, realized by Imam Hussein.

Many Muslims from around the world are heading to Karbala – where Imam Hussein was martyred and was buried – in order to perpetuate his rebellion. People are flying to different cities of Iraq and from there go on foot to Karbala. In this procession lately took part from 7 to 10 million people a year. It is expected that this year on the way to Kerbala will pass 14 million.

Interestingly, the Iraqis offered a variety of assistance and services throughout the route of the procession: we invite you to stay at home, fetch water and tea, even doing massage, etc. – all for free. And insist on passing pilgrims gave them the honor of using their services. Even the poor save their tiny income during the year to the next – again to support the guests who came to worship the Imam Hussein.

Without a doubt, in the near future this March will be a real ocean of people and Nations, weary with the oppression of tyranny, whose shouts of “Down with America!”and “Down with Israel!”bring the death spoiled, unjust regime of those countries.

I hope that next year the Russian mass media will take part in this unique, great event and will have more to say about it. The West is deliberately ignoring such a serious event as she fears the awakening of mankind.

The Iraqis consider it an honor to provide a particular service to pilgrims going to Kerbela. After many kilometers on foot, foot massage is especially great.

Photo caption:

  • Iraqis prepare the rice for the pilgrims
  • The poor Iraqi children giving the pilgrims water
  • One of Iraq’s tables for pilgrims
  • The participants in Kerbela
  • The Iraqis are fried kebabs for pilgrims


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