The Land Cruiser turned into the electric car and sent to work at the mine


Land Cruiser превратили в электромобиль и отправили работать на шахту The car was altered in Australia.

The Australian mining company BHP Apple electric SUV created on the basis of Toyota Land Cruiser 70-series. The car will be used for inspection of mines.

A remake of an SUV involved experts of the company Voltra from Adelaide. Instead of the standard 4.5-liter diesel V8 engine mounted electric power unit and a block of lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged thanks to the energy recovery system during braking.

The car retains the all-wheel drive. The SUV will be operated in a test mode in the mine Olympic Dam in South Australia, where uranium mining. During the tests will take into account driving performance, reliability, time of charging the battery and susceptibility to corrosion.

According to test results the decision will be made on the transition to electric cars. It is assumed that the transition to a “green” SUV Land Cruiser will reduce the cost of maintenance of fleet BHP by about 10-20%.


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