The lady made a fortune in dirty socks


Кошатница заработала состояние на грязных носках

You can make money the most original ways. A resident of the UK and receives an income, fulfilling the request of fetishists.

She has been doing for several years. It all started with the Internet, where she’s asked to sell their worn underwear. Without thinking, Raven Knicks agreed and her first income amounted to 1680 RUB (£20).

Later she has complied with similar requests. A pair of panties that she wore a week are 21 000, dirty socks 3 pair – 40 lb (3.4 thousand rubles). Also demand the urine, so the Knicks are selling it.

Another source of income for her are people who prefer to have someone in control of their money. This is money slaves, for whom it is important, when not notice them and for this they are willing to pay. So the Knicks give your card number and not even know from whom she received money.

This lesson brings her a year more than 5 million. what allows you to live comfortably and contain Pets. Live in the house 4 cats and a Bunny, and she also feeds the 11 cats living on the street.


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