The lack of Sunny days makes a man crazy


Нехватка солнечных дней сводит человека с умаThe incidence of OCD increases.

Living in countries with fewer daylight increases the risk of developing obsessive-compulsive disorder. Scientists first discovered the connection between this condition and time spent in the sun.

Russia is among the countries in which there is not very much light, especially in the winter months. Sometimes in some Russian cities like Moscow the sun is not visible in the sky from behind the clouds for many weeks. And now scientists have found that people who live in such countries are more likely to have obsessive-compulsive disorder or worsening its symptoms. If the body’s internal clock resynchronized with natural light, that is, the alternation of day and night, then such a person more likely to have mental problems.

That is why the incidence of OCD increases depending on how far the country is from the equator. In addition, the already suffering from this disorder people due to the small amount of sunlight complain of problems with sleeping, due to which the symptoms of their disorders worse. Although the experts considered it premature to treat OCD, depending on the number and length of Sunny days in a particular region, psychologists should bear in mind the influence of this factor.

Magicforum recalls that OCD makes a person more committed implementation of any things he may have the kinds of conduct that are difficult to control. This disorder affects the quality of sleep because of obsessive thoughts are unpleasant and upsetting for people. OCD can affect people at any age but it usually starts to develop in youth. Disorder is controlled with psychotherapy or medication.


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