The labour Ministry has proposed changing the system of calculating payments to poor pensioners


Минтруд предложил изменить систему расчета доплат малоимущим пенсионерам

The Ministry of labour proposes to change the mechanism of determining the subsistence level of the index on the basis of which is determined by the amount of social supplements to pensions. Notice of commencement of work on the relevant amendments is posted on the portal of projects of normative acts.

In Russia, each region sets its own minimum subsistence level of pensioners. At the same time, this indicator is defined for the whole country. If the regional minimum subsistence level is more than national, that poor pensioners get the extra budget of the Federation. If the regional minimum of less than that established for the whole country, payment is made from the Federal budget.

The Ministry of labor, after reviewing the practice of calculating the minimum subsistence level in the regions, concluded that “in some regions this value is unreasonably low or high”, it is stated in the accompanying materials.

In this regard, the Agency proposes to consolidate at the legislative level, the “common approach” to the definition of the subsistence minimum of a pensioner in the regions. On the proposal of the Ministry of labor, this indicator should be set annually and be equal for both regions and for the country as a whole “actual subsistence minimum for pensioners in the second quarter of the previous year”.

In the Ministry underline that the change in the procedure for establishing the subsistence minimum of a pensioner “in no case” will not lead to lower retirement income.

However, he said in an interview with RBC head of the Laboratory for studies of labour markets and pension systems Elena Grishina, in some regions when modifying an existing at the present time the system of calculation of a living wage, the financial situation of poor pensioners can still deteriorate.

Social surcharges to pensioners to the minimum wage act in 2010. Thanks to them, as repeatedly stated by the Ministry of labor, in Russia there is no formal pensioners living below the poverty line.

In the whole of Russia subsistence level in 2018 set to 8726 rubles. In Moscow the living wage of the pensioner in the fourth quarter of 2017 was 10929 rubles.



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