The jump from a skyscraper: in the network appeared the Amateur footage from the filming of the fourth “Matrix”


Fans watching the filming in San Francisco. Photo:

In the network appeared the Amateur footage from the shooting of “the Matrix 4”. In San Francisco (USA) where they filmed the continuation of the cult’s history, fans from different angles recorded on video gripping scene jump from the skyscraper.

The figures in the video remind you of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne moss, who played Neo and Trinity. However, netizens argue, who are these two in the video, and whether they are stuntmen. Many believe that the video definitely has Keanu as a famous actor, he performs his stunts.

🎥’The Matrix 4′ – Feb 14 2020
Remember Neo’s first jump in ‘The Matrix’? (1999)
Apparently the production still have the taste for #skyscrapers: today on the roof of #SanFrancisco”s downtown buildings 1/2
Thanks to @camtinatran 🙏 #matrix4

— Keanu Planet (@keanuplanet) February 14, 2020

An appropriately named street to catch a #matrix4 stunt being filmed this afternoon. Is that Neo in the cape? Need a pair of binoculars, but great timing for my drink run. @ San Francisco, California Financial District

— rboekweg (@rboekweg) February 15, 2020

Since the original trilogy it’s been almost two decades, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the fourth “Matrix”. The film will be released on wide screens on 21 may 2021. Currently, there are almost no details concerning the plot and its characters.

LeMonade previously wrote that the fourth “John Wick” and “the Matrix” will be released in one day.

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