The judge “Masterchef” boasted holidays in the Maldives


Hector Jimenez-Bravo is not just lost weight in the past year, and significantly pumped up the muscles of your body.

The judge of the cooking show went to the Maldives to combine business with pleasure. According to Hector, he in the Maldives and working and relaxing at the same time.

On his page in Instagram there is a new colorful picture, which he captured in a pink shirt and blue shorts in the background of the crystal clear Indian ocean.

Signed assistant Jimenez-Bravo this photo: “the Journey is happiness! To open the wonders of nature, a moment to connect with it, for example to swim with sea turtles or watching the octopus who hunts his prey. These memories are priceless: sea, mountains, new cultures and cuisine… It is a miracle, and even better if in good company… “.

In review subscribers Hector gave him sweet words: “You deserve this vacation! Relax, gain strength!”, “Gorgeous man)”, “soccer fans!!!! Handsome man on a beautiful background:)”, “Sexy man)” and all other reviews in the same spirit.


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