The Japanese launched an unusual wireless charging


Японцы выпустили необычную беспроводную зарядкуCharging can be cut with scissors.

Japanese scientists presented at the conference IMWUT 2018 innovative wireless charging device, which is able to adapt to any smartphone.

Charging can be cut with scissors.

Extraordinary property of the new product gives a special wiring on the Board, which is a single array of the plurality of induction coils connected together as one electrode. Yes, it looks very wet and unpresentable, but it is only a prototype, and the product itself has changed before will be on the shelves.

With this design the charging plate can be cut with ordinary scissors in any form, without worrying about its functionality – to work longer only separated from the substrate coil, which among themselves are not connected.

To demonstrate the development of researchers has built wireless charging into various items: jacket, bag, and mouse pad, and also cut a substrate at a variety of geometric shapes. Each piece is able to effectively cope with the task. With a nominal power of 7 W, the efficiency of energy transfer was 91% for DC.

Hopefully, this will help to get rid of annoying wires, and wireless charging, which can be cut any shape to become a very versatile device.

Японцы выпустили необычную беспроводную зарядку


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