The Japanese have created a new defense against autostealings


Японцы создали новую защиту от автоугоновBy July 2019 anti-theft marking will be present on all new Lexus cars.

It is no secret that Toyota and Lexus generally are more “popular” among car thieves. But this can not affect the income of the manufacturer. Therefore, the “Toyota Motor” is starting the implementation of a series of measures to protect against theft of new Toyota and Lexus.

The first thing the Japanese have complicated the life of thieves – “a Unique anti-theft identifier”. It contains a PIN, which is tied to the VIN number of the car. The PIN code is executed in the form invisible to the naked eye microdots with a diameter of 1 mm, which can be considered only when removed from the body and the multiplication.

Microdots are applied on pedals, hinges, nozzles and shrouds, and their total number reaches 10 thousand. Thus, even when the standard fake signs with the VIN-number and replacement of individual parts of a stolen car can still be identified by the authorities, of registration or verification. Moreover, a huge number of marked parts significantly reduces the likelihood of theft of car for sale in parts.

Each purchaser of a new Toyota or Lexus will be issued a certificate of “anti-theft alarm Unique identifier”, which contains the PIN code of the car.

By July 2019 anti-theft marking will be present on all new Lexus cars. In 2019, the ID will also appear on all Toyota models.


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