The Italian Minister reacted sharply to the statement of the Commissioner


Итальянский министр резко отреагировал на заявление еврокомиссараThe Commissioner has angered Italian Ministerial statement on the “little Mussolini”.

European Commissioner for economic and financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici has expressed fears that Europe may see “little Mussolini”, alluding to the leaders of the Italian populist and far-right movements.

Moscovici said that the current political situation, when the populist, far-right forces are gaining momentum in many countries, reminiscent of the 1930-ies, when came to power, the Nazi leaders Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

“Fortunately, no sound of boots, no Hitler (but there might be) a little Mussolini. It remains to be seen”, – he told reporters in Paris

Moscovici’s statement provoked an angry reaction from the interior Minister Salvini, although the Commissioner did not mention any specific names.

“He needs to wash your mouth before you insult Italy, Italians and their legitimate government,” – said Salvini.

“They dare to say that in Italy many young Mussolini, it is not necessary to do it,” – said Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Luigi Di Maio.


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