The Italian Minister has threatened Germany’s refusal to accept the refugees


Итальянский министр пригрозил Германии отказом в приеме беженцев Berlin and Rome have reached an agreement, but has not signed it.

The interior Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini threatens not to accept flights from the EU with migrants on Board. “We close the airport, which had closed sea ports”, – he declared on Sunday, October 7.

“If somebody in Berlin or Brussels is thinking to push to Italy dozens of migrants in unauthorized Charter flights, let them know that there is no one ready to take them to the airport and will not” – said the Italian Minister.

This statement he made after the publication of the newspaper La Repubblica that the German authorities are going to begin sending Charter flights to Italy of migrants who came to the EU via the Italian territory. The first such flight, according to the newspaper, planned on the 9th of October.

In mid-September the Minister of internal Affairs of Germany Horst Seehofer (Horst Seehofer) said that he agreed with Rome on the return of illegal migrants with the Austrian-German border. They agreed that Germany would send to Italy of migrants who have already asked for asylum there, and will also take exactly the same number of refugees rescued in the Mediterranean sea.

However, the contract is then signed, and now Salvini promises to put his signature under it, if Germany will observe a number of conditions. Italy wants to change the Dublin agreement in order to achieve automatic distribution of refugees in Europe.

So far the document establishes that the asylum process needs to take place in the EU country where migrants first arrived. Rome also wants in Italy were not all migrants rescued at sea mission of EU “Sofia”.


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