The ISS will try to print human organs and animals


На МКС попробуют напечатать органы человека и животныхThe experiment will be conducted in several stages.

On the International space station, the start of the experiment on the cultivation of cartilage tissue and human thyroid mouse on a special 3D bio-printer.

This was told in an interview with the managing partner of the Creator of the bio-printer 3D Bioprinting Solutions Yusef of Hasani.

According to Keswani, October 11, the International space station will send the device “On.The bus” experiment “Magnetic 3D bio-printer”. It will be the first experiment in the history of printing biological objects in space.

“The experiment will be conducted in several stages, the first stage will be held on 13 October and 16 October,” said Youssef of Hasani.

Haswani explained that for the experiment on the ISS send a bio-printer and ditches for him, which in a special gel containing a biological material. Gel when the temperature returns to the liquid state, creating liquid nutrient medium. In the biological material under the influence of magnetic waves starting to come in some structure.

This “beobanka” occurs within a few tens of seconds, but in order for the cells created a single design requires the order of the day. After that ditch has added a special retaining material designed to biological objects could be stored for several weeks before sending to the Earth.

“That’s the recorded material will be sent to us. Here we will conduct ground testing, technological research, to see how the internal structure of the obtained constructs is commensurate with what we make on Earth,” – said Jeswani.

It is noted that the organizers will be able to watch the experiment online. The video will be in the mission control Center. For movie and broadcast what is happening on the scientific equipment are video cameras installed which will record the build process of the biomaterial.


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