The iOS update can knock out the iPhone 8


Обновление iOS может вывести из строя iPhone 8In Apple’s situation does not comment.

IPhone 8 has found a problem that may occur after you upgrade to the smartphone operating system iOS 11.3. After installing the service pack, there is a probability of failure of the touch screen.

This problem appears in smartphones, which have previously changed the screen. But it’s worth noting that this only applies to those modela, the replacement of the display which was conducted in third-party workshops, and not in the official service centers of Apple. Accurate information on the extent of the problem yet, but we know what we are talking about thousands of smartphones.

In Apple’s situation does not comment. Therefore, it is not known, or is it part of a deliberate strategy of the company, or the problem occurred by accident. It is possible that this just a software bug, which will eliminate subsequent updating.


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