The Intel found a serious vulnerability


Intel has discovered problems in some CPUs Apollo Lake.

These problems are linked directly with the hardware, that is, by the crystal, according to the with reference to

More specifically, Intel found problems with the blocks Low Pin Count (LPC), Real Time Clock (RTC) interface the SD Card in the Celeron models N3350, J3355, J3455 and Pentium N4200.

Problems lead to the degradation of signals from these blocks, which are CPU fail to meet the standards of quality Intel. Simply put, there are problems with the crystals for some models, Apollo Lake, which processors may fail even before the expiry of the warranty period. Because of this, transfer such Intel CPU for new stepping F1 (was B1).

Note that a similar problem was at one time the Atom processors C2000, and very interestingly, she also moved in the “nuclear” range. This model is Apollo Lake debuted three years ago, and it is not clear why Intel had not found the problem.

The updated CPU will be designated by the additional letter E in the title, that is, it will be Celeron J3455E, J3355E, N3350E and Pentium N4200E.


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