The insider called unusual fact about Tom cruise


According to the girl, That is not the native father of her daughter Suri.

Those who follow the lives of actors Tom cruise and Katie Holmes know that the man for a very long time does not communicate with their daughter Suri, who was born in 2006, reports the with reference to ShowDream.

There are several reasons for this behavior of the actor: he says he has no time for the daughter due to a busy schedule, and friends of the ex-spouses argue that to communicate with Suri Tom cruise has banned Scientologists.

Now there is a new shocking update: Katie Holmes has said that Tom cruise is not the biological father of their daughter! According to the publication Star, a friend of the actress was a witness to this recognition:

“He once again came to wish daughter happy birthday. The girl waited for him the whole holiday and cried when the actor has not appeared. To appease daughter, Katie Holmes and said that Tom cruise is not the real father of Suri. But the girl threw a tantrum, demanding mother the name of his dad. Katie Holmes refused to call him. In protest, Suri stopped to talk to mother.”

It is unknown whether the truth Katie Holmes said to his daughter, or is it another ploy for the media. But if this information proves true, it would explain why Tom cruise for so many years, avoids contact with her daughter. Last time dad was seen with Suri in 2013, despite the fact that he was allowed to spend with her daughter 10 days a month.


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