The inimitable Brigitte Bardot: top 5 best roles in the movie sex symbol of the 60’s


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September 28, his birthday celebrates one of the greatest French Actresses, a real sex symbol of the 60’s- Brigitte Bardot.

She was born 28 Sep 1934 in a fairly wealthy and respected family. Her father was a retired military man who spent days at the factory. Mom was a failed actress, and drove his anger on all who came under her hand. But perhaps it is helped to become Brigitte Bardot how successful and famous.

For 21-year career in show business she starred in 48 films, performed in numerous musical programs and recorded 80 songs; was nominated for a BAFTA for her role in the film “Viva Maria!”. Screen image Bardo characteristic of sexuality, combined with spontaneity and simplicity. As an actress, the greatest success was reached in the genre of romantic Comedy but also the biggest movies with her participation critics think of the drama “And God created woman”, “Truth” and “Neglect”.

In 1970, Brigitte Bardot was the first chosen model for the bust of Marianne, the official symbol of France. After completing a film career in 1973, she dedicated her life to fighting for animal rights.

In the 1990s, began to criticize immigrants and Muslims in France and, as a consequence, was convicted 5 times for “inciting hatred on racist grounds”.

In honor of the birthday of the actress, LeMonade decided to recall the best role of Brigitte Bardot.

“And God created woman” (1956)

In the story of a beautiful woman torn between three men – selfish, romantic and cynical. Each wants to exert its influence on the fate of the girl, but she is not so frivolous as it seems at first glance.

“Babette goes to war” (1959)

At the beginning of the Second world war, a young naive girl Babette takes a job in a brothel. However, the establishment of debauchery evacuated, and Babette goes to England to the headquarters of British intelligence.

The girl is similar, like two drops of water, the beloved German General who plans the German attack on Britain. Here before it becomes an important task – to steal the General with documentation and to find love.

“Truth” (1960)

Dominique Marceau is accused of killing the student at the Conservatory, a talented conductor.

The viewer alternately showing scenes from the courtroom and daily life notice. The purpose of the hearing is the truth, what was repeatedly stated by the counsel for both sides. The truth can be only one, but as the Director of the film, there are many alternatives.

“Contempt” (1963)

The film talks about filming in Capri another “peplum” (pompous historical Thriller) about Odysseus and Penelope. The main character, the French writer Paul Javal, was more concerned with the jealousy of his beautiful wife Camille played by Brigitte Bardot, flirting, as it seems, with the American producer Jeremy Prakasam. Excessive guardianship of the husband the freedom Camila responds with contempt.

“Parisienne” (1957)

Instead of having to worry about your favorite novels, the heroine Bridget is satisfied with EMU funny situations at home and at work in the government. In this tape the BB talent as Actresses, harmoniously combined with her talent to bare on the screen.

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