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Named region of Ukraine who have mastered all the funds for repair of roads

The rest of the field are unable to spend all the allocated money.Only Khmelnitsky region as of November 30, make full use of the money of the Road Fund to repair local roads.This is evidenced by the infographic on the website of the...

Incredible pictures cut from ordinary paper. Photo

Such work can go dozens of hours of time.Twitter user Viktor Kushnarenko delighted the Internet with their studies, who in his spare time he carves out of paper. According to the resident of Pskov, on every painting spent from 8 to 80 hours...

Robbie Williams was photographed with a grown daughter

A girl named Sapphire-Nicole has one year.Singer Robbie Williams on the eve of the New Year decided to show the world their adorable one year old daughter. A girl named Sapphire-Nicole caused a storm of emotion and excitement in the Network in a...