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Scientists have discovered why the horses hooves

Paleobiology from the UK studied the bones of ancient horses, found out why modern horses have got hooves.The ancestors of horses, as noted by the staff of the University of Bristol, had limbs of different shapes.The greater part of the ancient horses were limbs...

Developed nanogenerators, producing energy out of snow

Snow TENG – nanogenerator was developed by researchers from the University of California, which is able to collect energy from the snow that will add power to solar panels during winter time.In cases where solar panels are under a layer of snow, Snow TENG...

“Liverpool” defeated “Port” and went out to meet Barcelona in the 1/2 final of the Champions League

Liverpool at the Dragao have not noticed resistance "port" in the second quarterfinal match of the Champions League.After the 0-2 defeat at Anfield to Portugal in the home match has been crucial to score an early goal, but "Port" in the attack practically nothing...